8 T/H Organic Fertilizer Production Line in Argentina, South America

On March 3rd

A client from Argentina contacted us about the organic fertilizer production equipment to pelletize his raw materials. The client had plenty of compost, manure and the solid part of biodigested materials. He had an idea of turning these materials into organic fertilizer granules, but he didn’t have the proper equipment for organic fertilizer production. Therefore, he connected us when he finished the pages talking about organic fertilizer production and organic granulators on our website.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

In the email, the client said concisely, “…I am looking for equipment to pelletize my organic raw materials. Please tell me the KW and hourly capacity of it.” To be honest, we can only design an ideal fertilizer production line when we know the details of each client’s plant project. Therefore, we phoned him to ask more about the organic fertilizer production line he wanted. After the talk, we found out that the buyer had a commercial cattle farm with at least 10,000 cows, and he needed to set up an organic granulation plant to make his cattle manure into organic fertilizer granules for sale. According to the annual capacity of cow dung and the layout of the plant, we drew the design of an 8 t/h rotary drum granulation line for the customer.

8 t/h Rotary Drum Granulation Line for Organic Fertilizer

ROtary drum granulating machine for sale

The complete rotary drum granulation line has organic fertilizer machines, including a screening machine, a horizontal blender and a chain crusher. We introduced the functions and features of each machine to make sure the buyers had a better understanding of the whole organic fertilizer production. During the introduction of our rotary drum granulator for cattle manure, the client interposed, asking “…What about disk pelletizers? I read the passage about the organic fertilizer granulators on your website. It can make cow dung fertilizer granules. I visited some fertilizer making plants in my country and most of them use disc granulators.”

Yes, pan granulating machines and rotary drum granulating machines, 2 granulators in the category of wet granulation equipment, are widely used in animal fertilizer production. But the latter has a large working capacity. If the client insists, he needs to purchase at least 2 pan granulators for his plant, or the hourly output of his organic fertilizer plant will fall out of his expectations. Heard our explanation, the customer wavered in his choice of the pan granulators.

Disk pelletizer for making fertilizer

We sent some pictures and videos of our drum granulator in organic fertilizer plants to the buyer. In the video, the drum granulator rotates stably and smoothly, pouring a cascade of small organic fertilizer pellets consecutively. That assured the client that our rotary granulator was a good choice for mass production. Then, he asked some questions to learn more about it.

The Customer’s Question about Our Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary drum granulating machine in fertilizer plants

It is between 30% and 40%. Our rotary drum granulator works on the principle of wet granulation. It will dampen your raw materials first before granulating. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried if your organic fertilizer powder is too dry. The granulator will wet it to increase its moisture content. However, you need to take measures when your composted animal manure is too wet. We suggest you dehydrate your cattle manure before the process of composting. Then, add straw, sawdust and hay to your compost piles and use a composting machine to turn them.

The model of the rotary granulator we chose for you is the SXZGZ-2080. It can produce 8-15 tons of organic fertilizer granules per hour. Assuming that your organic fertilizer plant runs 16 hours a day, you can manufacture 128 tons of fertilizer pellets at least.

It is 18.5 KW. The quotation we sent you notes the power of each organic fertilizer making machine and the whole production line.

Actually, your cattle manure compost and other raw materials can be granulated well without any adhesive agent. In the process of granulating, your organic fertilizer powder will become wet and a series of chemical reactions will occur. As the drum of the granulator rotates, fertilizer powder is rounded into small pellets because of centrifugal force. The pellets have great strength, about 20-25 N.

Commercial granulator for sale

South America-An Emerging Market for Us

The client asked us, “…Have you sold plants in South America or solutions provided for the customers in this region?” Actually, South America has been an emerging market for us in recent years. The deals we consummated with customers in that market are a few. Last year, we sold a disk granulation line to a medium NPK fertilizer plant and a groove type composter to a chicken farm in Argentina. We will share these 2 cases later.

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