The Solution for Making Cow Dung Fertilizer in Ethiopia

On April 4th

A customer from Ethiopia sent an email to us when he finished a page about animal waste management. The page gave him something useful in organic fertilizer production and sparked his interest in the idea of making his cow manure into fertilizer. Though knew about the whole procedure of making cow dung fertilizer, the customer didn’t have much practice in it. Accordingly, the customer turned to us for help, asking “What type of cow dung fertilizer machine do I need to turn my cattle manure into organic fertilizer?”. Usually, there is a wide range of cow dung fertilizer machines that are required in the process of making organic fertilizer, such as a compost turner machine, a solid liquid separator machine, and a fertilizer granulator.

It is advisable for customers to buy a whole organic fertilizer production line to process cow dung into fertilizer. However, the design of a cow dung fertilizer production line varies due to so many types and models of fertilizer machines. We can not tell which cow dung fertilizer making machine the client should buy before we have the answers to the following question.

3 Questions We Need to Know

In order to provide every client with an ideal design of a fertilizer production line, there are 3 things we need to know about his plant project or production idea.

What Is the Annual Capacity of Your Animal Manure?

We recommend the types and models of cow dung fertilizer machines in accordance with the quantities of raw materials. Commonly, fertilizer machines with a large capacity cost more. Yes. a cow dung fertilizer production line with a large output is highly profitable for us, but not for our clients. We are more willing to provide a proper organic fertilizer production line at an affordable price, which has the ability to process client’s animal manure efficiently.

commercial organic fertilizer plant layout

When it came to this question, the client in Ethiopia was at an utter loss, replying that he had never calculated that. Well, some farmers do have no clue how much manure their animals can produce in a year. That’s okay. We can estimate it according to the number of animals. The client told us he raised about 1,000 meat cows. Assuming that a cow generates 15 kg of fresh dung, the client can get about 5,000 tons of cattle manure in a year. That is a huge number.

Windrow Type Compost Turning Equipment in Fertilizer Plant

Therefore, we advised him to dry his cow dung with a solid liquid separator first, and then stack it into a long compost pile. Once the compost is overheated, he needs to use the SXLDF-2800, an industrial compost turner, to aerate it. To make sure that the client knows how to use our machine to compost cow dung in the right way, we shared him with the working video of the windrow type composting turners and the PDF file with instructions for accelerating the process of composting.

· Industrial Compost Turner for Cow Dung ·

Model: SXLDF-2800

Capacity(m3/h): 1100-1300

Power(kw): 123

Turning Width(m):2.8

Windrow Type Composting Machine for Sale

Do You Want to Turn Your Cow Dung into Organic Fertilizer Powder or Pellets?

In terms of form, there are 2 main kinds of organic fertilizer on the market, namely fertilizer powder and fertilizer granules. Their different production processes make the types and models of fertilizer making machines that they require vary widely. Hence, the client’s preference for the types of organic fertilizer has a vital role in the design of his fertilizer production line.

The Design of Powder Fertilizer Factory

The client did not give a clear answer about it. In turn, he asked for our suggestion. In fact, a powder organic fertilizer production line is a better choice for the client. There are 2 reasons:

There are just 3 steps in the process of making cow dung fertilizer powder, much fewer than that of making fertilizer granules which require at least 10 steps. After screening and mixing, the customer can bag his organic fertilizer powder for sale.

A powder fertilizer production line is more acceptable than a granular fertilizer production line for most farm owners because it requires fewer fertilizer making machines. With a small amount of money, the client can economically benefit from his cow dung.

The amount of the customer’s cow dung can produce more than 1500 tons of cow dung compost. According to our calculations, we designed a 5 t/d cow dung fertilizer production line which consists of a rotary drum screening machine, a double shaft mixing machine and a fertilizer bagging machine. If the customer wants to venture into the production of organic fertilizer pellets, he can buy a fertilizer granulator instead of a full granular fertilizer production line.

· Compost Screening Machine  ·

Model: SXGS-1540

Capacity(t/h): 5-8

Power(kw): 5.5

Drum Speed(r/min): 16

Rotary drum screening for animal manure fertilizer prouction
Double Shaft Blending in Stock

· Compost Mixing Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXSJ-1050

Power(kw): 22

Mixing Speed(r/min): 35

Dimensions(m): 6.2*1.3*1.2

How Much is Your Budget?

Yes, offering the best fertilizer machinery to our buyers is one of the principles we adhere to. But, it is meaningless if the machines are beyond their price range. Hence, your budget is another factor affecting our choice of the types and models of fertilizer equipment. The production line was good, but its quotation was unacceptable, the client noted. After several rounds of negotiations, we proposed that we could offer him another design for his fertilizer production plant at a more affordable price. But, its output was smaller, like 3 t/d.

Accordingly, the client needed to prolong his working time to meet his needs in terms of capacity. Then, the client asked to update the quotation. What is the price of this small organic fertilizer production line? It is about 11,000 dollars, which is within the client’s price range. The customer expressed that a meeting would be held at the end of this month to vote for the best one out of a butch of designs and solutions from other suppliers, and that he would come to a final decision after the meeting.

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