The Project of A 30t/d Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant in Bangladesh

Last Monday

there was an email from Agriculture Chemicals Ltd in Bangladesh. The company was evaluating the possibility of using ammonium chloride, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and ammonium sulphate to make bulk blending fertilizer. And the director of this project told us their plan to build a 30 t/d BB fertilizer plant in the local and hoped us to offer them an ideal plan solution with details about the following things:

  • The technology of bulk blending fertilizer
  • A full bulk blending fertilizer production line
  • The area that machines require

  • The associated costs of setting up a fertilizer making plant in Bangladesh
  • Related matters about bulk blending fertilizer production

What is Bulk Blend Fertilizer Processing Technology?

BB fertilizer is the abbreviation for bulk blending fertilizer, containing more than two types of fertilizer granules with abundant NPK. In fact, its nutrients are adjustable. According to the pattern that plants absorb nutrients in different phases, you can make BB fertilizer with a certain amount of nutrients. Therefore, it can mainly provide massive nutrients that plants need for a long time. Then, what is the bulk blending fertilizer process?

In fact, it is much easier to make BB fertilizer than compound fertilizer pellets. You can produce good BB fertilizer in 3 steps. After you weigh a certain amount of each raw material, just mix them evenly, and then the bulk blending fertilizer process is done! The process of mixing NPK fertilizer is of great importance because it has something to do with the quality of your finished fertilizer products. Hence, you need an NPK fertilizer granule mixer to blend your raw material well.

What Bulk Blending Fertilizer Machine Does the Client Need for His Project?

· NPK Fertilizer Batching Equipment ·

The requisite for making quality bulk blending fertilizer is its formulations. Most companies hold their own secret recipes. If you don’t have one, you can google it or consult with an expert in BB fertilizer manufacturing. However, that is not the point. The thing that really matters is how to make BB fertilizer according to your recipe. I mean, it is quite simple to weigh every raw material in proportion when you prepare to make 50 kg of BB fertilizer. However, the client needs to produce at least 30 tons of that in a day. It inevitably takes energy and time to manually do it, doesn’t it?

Therefore, the efficiency of production should be increased by means of using a machine that can batch raw materials automatically. Our dynamic batching machine has a smart system to control the process of batching NPK fertilizer automatically. Once the raw materials are put into the hoppers, the machine will discharge them at a stable speed. The client can adjust the feeding speed to change the formulation. In other words, a fertilizer batching machine allows the client to produce various types of bulk blending fertilizer products.

A Part of Large-scale Fertilizer Making Plant

· Bulk Blending Fertilizer Mixer ·

The importance of mixing in the bulk blending fertilizer process technology emphasizes the need to have an efficient fertilizer blender machine for your factory. As a supplier of NPK fertilizer machines, we offer two hot types of NPK fertilizer mixing machines. In addition to their capacity to blend fertilizer granules, there is a distinction between them – the way of blending NPK fertilizer granules.

BB Fertilizer Mixing Machine in Operation

Our 5-10 t/h BB fertilizer mixer works intermittently. Don’t get me wrong. It does not mean the fertilizer blender is of low efficiency, and the production is stalled frequently because of it. Actually, there is a peculiarity in its design. When the batching machine discharges raw materials, you need to put them into the feeder of the NPK fertilizer blender. Then, the feed driven by the automatic lifting system pours the granules into the fertilizer blending machine. After a few minutes, a batch of well-mixed BB fertilizer granules is discharged and sent to the granules bagging machine. Then, the feeder loaded with fertilizer granules will feed raw materials again. According to the client’s plan, the SXBM-1525 is a perfect choice.

· BB Fertilizer Blender for Sale ·

Model: SXBM-1525

Capacity(t/h): 5-10


Lifting Power(kw): 1.5

Industrial BB Fertilizer Mixer for Sale
commercial bulk blending fertilizer production line design

In fact, the hourly output of a commercial bulk blending fertilizer making plant can reach 30-40 tons. Therefore, a BB fertilizer mixer with the ability to blend NPK fertilizer consecutively is needed. Our drum type bulk blending fertilizer mixer can realize the mass production of BB fertilizer. As the raw materials are fed into the rotating drum with a fertilizer conveyor continuously, the fertilizer mixer machine blends them at a certain speed. The whole production is continuous.

· Granular Fertilizer Bagging Machine ·

Bulk blending pellets will gather in the fertilizer bagging machine for the last step. The client brought the SXWDBZ-50, a granular fertilizer bagging machine. It performs well in the process of packing fertilizer granules. As the BB fertilizer goes into its bucket, the fertilizer packing machine will discharge it into a bag and seal it automatically. It works more precisely and quickly than humans. Therefore, an efficient fertilizer bagging machine will make BB fertilizer production easier!

Bagging Machine in Fertilizer Production Line

· Fertilizer Pellet Bagging Machine ·

Model: SXWDBZ-50

Capacity(bag): 6


Dimension(m): 0.9*0.73*2.75

How Much Area is Needed for Mixed Fertilizer Plant in Bangladesh?

To run his project successfully, the buyer asked the area that his 30 t/d bulk blending fertilizer production line required so that he could rent a proper factory.

In fact, a 30 t/d bulk blending fertilizer processing plant requires less room than a small NPK fertilizer granulation plan does, given its simple and compact layout. As we know, the production of making compound fertilizer granules requires over 10 machines, such as an NPK crushing machine, an NPK granulator and a fertilizer screener. Therefore, the large room is needed for placing a whole NPK fertilizer production line. Usually, a 3 t/h compound fertilizer plant covers an area of 1,000-1,200 m3.

20 Tons/Hour BB Fertilizer Plant

However, most of those fertilizer making systems are futile in making NPK mixed fertilizer. Hence, the client can rent a small plant to place his three bulk blending fertilizer machines.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Bulk Mixing Plant In Bangladesh?

The cost of building a bulk fertilizer plant is another factor the buyer needs to take into consideration. Honestly, it is not all about the price of a full bulk blending fertilizer production line. There is something else that needs to be given emphasis.

3-5 Tons/Hour BB Fertilizer Production Line

Given the production process of making BB fertilizer, the client can rent a small-scale factory to place his bulk blending fertilizer production line. When it comes to the location of the plant, it is a good choice to set up a fertilizer making plant in the suburbs or the countrysides because of the cheap rent. But, remember to find a place with a good infrastructure.

How to start a fertilizer business with a small amount of investment? Make bulk blending fertilizer, of course! Its easy production process entails a few machines. Accordingly, the investment in bulk blending fertilizer machines is less.

Our bulk blending fertilizer machines are made of high-quality steel and alloy with outstanding features, such as anti-corrosion. According to the feedback from our clients, our NPK fertilizer making machines last more than 20 years if they are used in the right way. Besides, we offer a 365-day warranty for free if you purchase the fertilizer production line now.

High-quality NPK fertilizer granules are a prerequisite for making good bulk blending fertilizer. Therefore, the money spent on buying NPK compound fertilizer granules is a large sum. But, it is worth it.

In comparison with compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer takes less to produce. Our fertilizer machinery is refined and improved. The test found that it consumes less power and energy than the same type of product from other suppliers. Therefore, the buyer will not be bothered by the high production costs.

With high automation, the bulk blending fertilizer making machines make BB fertilizer from NPK fertilizer granules without taxing manual work. Consequently, 2-3 workers can manage the client’s commercial bulk blending fertilizer plant well.

4 Things You Should Know to Make Quality Mixed Blend Fertilizer for Sale

Chose the right formulation

Although a raw material is rich in some kind of nutrient, it does mean that it will make good BB fertilizer with well-balanced nutrients if you blend it with other chemicals. Take the NPK granulated fertiliser mixture of urea and ammonium nitrate as an example. Urea and ammonium nitrate are sufficient in nitrogen. But, if you use them as raw materials for bulk blending fertilizer production, you will get bags of caked fertilizer granules, instead of efficacious nitrogen pellets. But, how? Let us explain this. Due to their high critical relative humidity, these two chemicals are likely to absorb water in the air when they are blended together. Consequently, water leads to a caking problem. Therefore, be serious about your recipe.


Use NPK fertilizer granules of the same size

You need to make sure that your raw materials are uniform in size and weight. That is because NPK fertilizer granules of the same size and density will gather, which makes the nutrients of your BB fertilizer unbalanced.

Put the anti-caking agent if necessary

To avoid caking problems, you can mix NPK fertilizer with the anti-caking agent. In addition, the possibility of caking rises as the time of storage becomes longer. Hence, don’t keep your BB fertilizer untouched in your warehouse for too long. Sale them out!

Select raw materials according to the needs of plants and soil

It is not proper to mix chemicals without any research. You should be clear about what kinds of nutrients the plant and soil need. Then, choose proper raw materials and mix them proportionally. Therefore, you can produce good bulk blending fertilizer that can sustain the growth of plants with necessary nutrients and improve the fecundity of the soil.

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