Top Fertilizer Dryer in 2022

The fertilizer dryer was on the list of best sellers in the first quarter of this year, according to our sales reports released last week. But it is just a piece of auxiliary equipment for fertilizer production, someone may say, with a sense of bewilderment. Yes, it falls into the category of auxiliary equipment which, however, is indispensable for most fertilizer makers who adopt wet granulation.

Why Do You Need to Use A Fertilizer Dryer?

The method of wet granulation has gained popularity among large-scale organic fertilizer plants as well as NPK fertilizer plants due to its ability to make massive fertilizer granules of high strength. However, fertilizer granules, made on the principle of wet granulation, have a high water content, about 25%-35%. More specifically, your fertilizer granules are soft and wet that you can crush them easily. Just imagine what would happen if you just bagged and stacked them? It is incredibly possible for you to have bags of caked or broken fertilizer granules.

The Fertilizer Pellets Produced with Rotary Drum Granulator
Rotary Drum Drying Machine in Fertilizer Making Plant

The production of standard products is always the top priority of every fertilizer supplier. Then, you need to take some measures to make your fertilizer granules dry. How about putting the granules on the ground and drying them in the sun? That is a feasible idea, for the owners of small fertilizer plants only. You know, a commercial NPK granulation plant is able to make at least 10 tons of fertilizer granules in an hour. Yes, naturally drying is possible if you really don’t care about the factor of efficiency.

Most importantly, there are so many uncertainties in the process of natural drying, and you can not make sure that every fertilizer granule is dried well. For instance, some compound fertilizer pellets, under the sun, absorb heat, and consequently, their water content drops quickly. But, the process of decline is uncontrollable. Because of the heat, moisture in your fertilizer is likely to drop from 30% to below 10%, making the granules crack. Therefore, you need an efficient machine to control the water content better.

Drying Machine with its Supporting Frame

Rotary Dryer for Sale

liquid solid separator for sale

· Rotary Drying Machine ·

for Organic Fertilizer Granules

Model: SXHG-1616

Capacity(t/h): 6-8

Power(kw): 15

Speed(r/min): 6

· Rotary Dryer ·

for NPK Fertilizer Pellet

Model: SXHG-2222

Capacity(t/h): 8-16

Power(kw): 37

Speed(r/min): 5.5

liquid solid separator for sale

High Efficiency of Drying Your Fertilizer Granules

After being discharged from a disk pelletizer or a rotary granulator, fertilizer granules will go into the fertilizer dryer. The rotary drying machine has a hot blast furnace that provides a stable source of heat.

As fertilizer granules enter the fertilizer dryer, the heat flows from the other side and dries them evenly. After 5 minutes, the moisture in your fertilizer granules will drop to 10%-12%, an ideal level for bagging. At the same time, the strength of your fertilizer granules will increase to 10 N because of the loss of water. As a result, you can produce good fertilizer pellets with the ability to remain intact under compression stress during long-time storage and transportation.

In most cases, we sell the rotary dryer for fertilizers coupled with a fertilizer cooler used for cooling granules quickly. Usually, the temperature of dried fertilizer granules rises dramatically because of the heat. You need to wait for it to cool down before the process of bagging, or there is still a great chance for your fertilizer granules to cake. Hence, we suggest our customers buy a rotary cooler for processing their hot fertilizer granules. With the same design and working principle as the fertilizer dryer, though, the fertilizer cooler has a high-efficient draft fan for providing a blast of cold air that further declines the moisture and temperature of your fertilizer granules.

Rotary Drum Cooling Machine in Operation

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