Top 6 Industrial Compost Turner in 2022

The industrial compost turner, as a good helper in economically managing animal manure, is not a stranger to most animal farm owners. It is an efficient composting machine with the ability to turn your animal manure into organic fertilizer. With the advancement of technology, the emergence of various compost turner machines provides various choices for customers. However, that causes a tricky problem for them – the buyers are overwhelmed by so many choices!

Yes, there are over 100 types and models of compost turners sold in the markets. Hardly can you count them with 2 hands. In the views of those who are new to compost turners, it is struggling to choose an ideal one that meets all their requirements. Luckily, we, as one of the leading compost turner manufacturers in the international market, will share 6 trending industrial compost turners with you today. We are bullish that you will find the one you are looking for when you finish this article.

Compost Windrow Turner for Sale

Top Choice for Animal Farm Owners

Do you want to find a piece of compost turning equipment that allows you to make organic compost on your farm? Just pick a windrow turner machine!

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· Small Compost Turner for Sale ·

Model: SXMT-2000

Capacity(m3/h): 300-500

Turning Width(m): 2

Turning Depth(m): 0.6-0.8

· Commercial Self Propelled Compost Turner for Sale ·

Model: SXLDF-2800

Capacity(m3/h): 1100-130

Turning Width(m): 2.8

Turning Depth(m): 1.1-1.5

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Why Should You Choose the Windrow Composting Machine?

WIndrow composting in organic fertilizer plant
Moving Type Composting Machine Turning Aanimal Manure

Commercial Composting Equipment for Sale

High Automation Improved Efficiency

For those who have a plan to start a fertilizer business, it is more efficient to set up a large composting plant that can make tons of compost in order to ensure the stability of the supply chain of raw materials. Then, how to efficiently make compost in large quantities? Use our commercial composting equipment of high automation!

· Commercial Compost Turner for Sale ·

Model: SXCF-3000

Working Speed (m/min): 1-2

Turning Width(m): 3

Turning Depth(m): 0.8

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· Large Scale Composting Equipment for Sale ·

Model: SXLPFD-2000

Overall Size(m): 22×5.8×4.5

Turning Width(m): 30

Turning Depth(m): 1.5-3

Who Needs a Piece of Commercial Composting Equipment?

The Groove Type Composting Machine for Organic Fertilizer Production
The Half-finished Product of Groove Type Composting Machine

In-vessel Composting System for Sale

Faster and Smarter

Commonly, getting compost will take a long time, like a year in the procedure of cold composting. That is devoid of the efficiency to make profits from animal manure. Therefore, we offer a smart in-vessel composting system that makes it possible for your to get composted manure within 2 weeks!

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· Large Scale Composting Equipment for Sale ·

Model: SXFT-30

Dimensions(mm): 4000*4000*7000

Stirring Powering: 7.5

Feeding Type: Bucket

How Smart Can The In-vessel Composting Machine Be?

The smart compost turning machine has sensors monitoring the fluctuation of the temperature, water content and oxygen concentration of your compost. It will take measures when there is something wrong. For instance, the aeration system will be activated when the oxygen sensor detects low levels of oxygen. The smart compost turner’s intelligent feature obviates the need for checking the conditions of your compost frequently. It will automatically manage your compost for you.

The design of organic fermentation tank

How Fast Can You Make Compost With the Fermentation Tank?

Fermentation Tank in Organic Fertilizer Plant

Thanks to its high automation, the in vessel composting machine can create perfect aerobic conditions for your compost. In an ideal environment, microbial activity will be maximized, quickening the process of decomposing organic matter. Accordingly, the procedure of making good compost speeds up. You will get well-composted animal manure within 2 weeks! That is much faster than making compost with other composting turners from other suppliers!

Now, we provide these types of composting machines for sale. You can contact us for the compost turner machine price!

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