How Much Does It Cost to Set Up An NPK Fertilizer Production Plant?

The price is a factor that every investor cares about most when it comes to setting up a commercial NPK fertilizer production plant. Very few NPK plants can be kept in business without sufficient funds, after all. Then, how much does it cost to invest in an NPK fertilizer factory? In fact, the cost of an NPK plant can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, depending on so many factors, such as the scale of your NPK plant, the production process you prefer, and the NPK fertilizer plant equipment you choose. That is what most fertilizer manufacturers will tell you when you ask about the price. Accordingly, uncertainty causes your qualms and shakes your resolve to start your NPK fertilizer business.

Today, we will itemize several factors to consider when you estimate the cost of setting up an NPK plant. This will help you avoid surprising financial worries.

The Output

The output is an important factor in the price of your NPK fertilizer production line because it determines the types and models of NPK fertilizer making machines. As you know, the more fertilizer an NPK production line produces, the higher its price is.

Usually, a 15 t/h compound fertilizer production line is worth 300,000 dollars. If you have sufficient money, it is wise to buy it to set up a commercial factory for making NPK fertilizer granules. After all, its ability to make salable NPK Fertilizer in large quantities can improve productivity.

Of course! They can choose an ideal NPK production line with a capacity of 1-5 tons per hour. Their prices are much lower than these large-scale ones for most clients. But, their hourly capacity is too small, someone may say. To be honest, that is not a problem. These NPK production lines can produce a large quantity of NPK fertilizer as long as you prolong the working time.

Double roller extrusion granulator in fertilizer plant

In conclusion, larger capacity means more money in investment. When a fertilizer production line is beyond your price range, you can find another one with a smaller capacity and increase the working time. That will save a large amount of money for you.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

There are 2 main kinds of NPK fertilizer products on the markets, namely NPK fertilizer powder and NPK fertilizer granules. There are distinctions in the procedure of making them.

Somthing You Need To Know About The Production Of NPK Granules

Comparatively, the production of NPK fertilizer pellets requires lots of machines, including NPK granulators, chain crushers and rotary screening machines. Accordingly, plenty of money is needed to start production of NPK fertilizer granules. Do not feel it is a waste to invest lots of money in it.

Considering the promising market for granular fertilizer products, there is a large chance for you to make profits from your NPK fertilizer granules production line in the first year. That is one of the reasons why there are so many companies and enterprises engaging in NPK granules production. Our survey indicated, that the number of NPK granulation plants has tripled worldwide, driven by the increasing demand for NPK fertilizer granules. So, why not seize a chance to set up an NPK granulation plant?

Why Not Make NPK Fertilizer Powder?

For those who have no experience in NPK fertilizer production, it is not a good choice to blindly invest in a fertilizer granulation plant due to the impulse for money. You have to test the water in it with a small amount of investment because there are so many uncertainties on the path toward the success of fertilizer production. Commonly, they can start the NPK fertilizer business with 4 NPK fertilizer production machines, namely, a rotary drum screener, a batching machine, a double shaft mixer and an auto bagging machine. The total price of these machines is about thousands of dollars. When the time is right, they can buy an NPK granulator, instead of a whole granulation line, to produce NPK granules.

In Conclusion

The production of NPK fertilizer granules is costly for most people indeed, but it can bring more profits. If you are devoid of sufficient money, a plant for making NPK fertilizer power is an affordable choice!

Choice of NPK Fertilizer Plant Equipment

This is a factor that should be noticed by makers of NPK fertilizer granules. As we know, there are 2 popular methods of granulation: wet granulation and dry granulation. Yes, the NPK fertilizer machines they require are quite different.

If You Choose Wet Granulation

For instance, you need to buy a rotary drum drying machine and a rotary drum cooling machine to process your NPK fertilizer granules when you produce NPK fertilizer on the principle of wet granulation. After the process of drying and cooling, the granules, hard and tough, can withstand high pressure from stacking.

The Layout of Drying System and Other Accessory Equipment
Double roller extrusion granulation line design

If You Choose Dry Granulation

Whereas the fertilizer granules made with dry granulation equipment have an ideal water level, below 10%, and can be bagged without any processing. As a result, your start-up costs, as well as production costs, drop, leaving you with enough money to cover other costs you haven’t thought of.

In Conclusion

You need to have full knowledge of different methods of NPK fertilizer production before accepting any NPK granulator recommended by the suppliers of fertilizer machinery. Wet granulator machines make NPK fertilizer granules that require the process of drying and cooling. Therefore, you need to spend more on buying equipment for your NPK fertilizer plant. By comparison, your NPK fertilizer production line is more affordable if you prefer dry granulation.

As a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we can do more than just sell efficient NPK fertilizer production machines. Also, we offer NPK fertilizer plant designs at an affordable price! You can fill out the contact form below and tell us the details of your NPK fertilizer business project and your price range. We will draw an ideal plant solution that fits you best!

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