How To Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets For Sale?

There is something more valuable than the eggs and meat on your commercial chicken farm. Do you know what it is? It is chicken litter! Someone may wonder what stinky and dirty chicken manure can bring to you, except a series of environmental problems. In fact, chicken litter, as a kind of organic fertilizer, has abundant nutrients that are important to the growth of plants. Fertilized in the field, it will improve production dramatically. Accordingly, the market for chicken manure fertilizer granules is promising as always. But how to make chicken manure fertilizer pellets to make profits? There are a few vital steps you should know in the procedure of making sable chicken manure fertilizer pellets.

How to Sanitize Your Chicken Manure to Make Safe Fertilizer?

It is well known that fresh animal manure contains lots of materials that are harmful to the health of animals and humans. That is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to use fresh chicken manure as fertilizer. Then, how to sanitize your chicken manure? Compost it!

Hot composting is a method used widely because of its impressive efficiency. There are 3 ways of hot composting chicken poop for making organic fertilizer, and you can select an ideal one on the basis of your preference. As the temperature of your chicken manure compost rises, a sign of the success of composting, harmful materials are completely destroyed, while there is not a great loss of nutrients. But, the increase is by no means a sure thing in the process of composting. For instance, the temperature of your chicken poop may fall quickly after a transient increase.

Windrow type composting
Small windrow composting machine for sale

Therefore, an efficient chicken manure compost turner is indispensable in the process of hot composting. You need to turn your chicken manure compost with a commercial compost turner, to aerate it, or the formation of anaerobic conditions will stall the process of composting. With sufficient oxygen, microbial activities will be maximized, which stimulates the procedure of microorganism decomposition. As microorganisms break down organic matter, they give off heat that drives the temperature to go up and creates a harsh environment for the harmful materials to live in. Accordingly, your chicken manure compost can be used as a safe organic fertilizer product.

How To Improve The Purity of Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets?

Don’t be harsh to find a machine with the function of turning your chicken manure into fertilizer granules. There is one thing more important than granulation. You know, your chicken manure has lots of impurities from your chicken or outside environments, such as grains, twigs and litter rocks. These things, if hard enough, will break fertilizer granulation machines. Most importantly, they are factors leading to the inferior quality of your organic fertilizer.

Use a rotary drum screening machine! After the process of composting, a rotary screener will sieve your well-composted chicken poop. You will get good chicken manure fertilizer power with high purity.

Rotary drum screening for animal manure fertilizer prouction

How To Turn Your Chicken Manure Into Fertilizer Granules?

Here comes the vital point of this passage. Considering the impossibility of turning chicken manure into fertilizer granules manually, we recommend 5 trending chicken litter pellets processing machines for you!

liquid solid separator for sale

· New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator for Sale ·

Model: SXJZ-1000

Capacity(t/h): 2-4

Power(kw): 75

Dimensions(mm): 4700x2350x1600

In the process of granulating, the stirring teeth of the organic fertilizer granules rotate, providing an aerodynamic force that rounds the organic fertilizer powder into small granules. The granules have high strength, about 8-10 N. You don’t need to worry that your organic fertilizer will break easily during transportation.

· Disc Pelletizer for Chicken Manure ·

Model: SXYZ–1800

Capacity(t/h): 0.8-1.2

Power(kw): 3

Dimensions(mm): 2060x1700x2130

The disc pelletizer is one of the wet granulation machines used in commercial fertilizer making plants. When it comes to the granulation rate, nearly no granulator can match the disc granulator whose rate reaches over 93%. In the process of granulating, you need to spray some water on your organic fertilizer powder. As the granulation pan rotates stably, damp raw materials will be rounded into granules because of stickiness.

liquid solid separator for sale
liquid solid separator for sale

· Commercial Chicken Manure Pellet Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXZGZ-3210

Capacity(t/h): 15-20

Power(kw): 37

Length(mm): 10000

The other wet granulator machine used in organic fertilizer production is the rotary drum granulator. Compared with the disc pelletizer, it performs well in the mass production of chicken manure fertilizer due to its large hourly capacity. For those who have a plan to make chicken manure fertilizer as a business, the commercial chicken manure pelletizer can meet their requirements for large-scale organic fertilizer production.

· Small Chicken Manure Compost Pelleting Machine for Sale ·

Model: SXPM-400

Capacity(t/h): 1-1.5

Power(kw): 37

The production of chicken manure fertilizer granules is not always costly once you choose the right fertilizer pelletizer within your budget. Our chicken manure pellet mill is a hot choice for farm owners who prefer an economical way to dispose of their chicken manure due to its features of simple production, affordable price and compact structure.

With dies and molds, the fertilizer pellet mill will press your chicken manure compost into organic fertilizer granules in a stick shape. Then, you can bag the granules and sell them on the markets, without the process of drying and cooling.

liquid solid separator for sale

Why Do You Need To Dry Your Chicken Manure Fertilizer Pellets?

The procedure of drying and cooling your chicken manure fertilizer granules is necessary, unless you use the method of dry granulation when making organic fertilizer. Wet granulation machines, namely the rotary drum granulator and the disk pelletizer, make fertilizer granules whose moisture content is about 20-35%. If you pick one of the granules, you will find it soft and sticky. Assuming that you pack these fertilizer granules without any process, high pressure from stacking will flatten them.

Hence, you need a rotary drum drying machine to control the water in your chicken manure fertilizer granules. The fertilizer dryer, matched with a hot blast furnace, can efficiently make the moisture content of your fertilizer granules drop to 10-12%. Then, a rotary drum cooling equipment will cool down the granules, removing a small amount of water further. In doing so, the strength of chicken manure fertilizer granules will improve.

As a supplier of organic fertilizer plant equipment, we offer services for designing organic fertilizer production lines, including small pig manure organic fertilizer production line and chicken manure fertilizer production line. You can fill out the following contact form and tell us the details about your chicken manure fertilizer business or your chicken farm. Therefore, we can offer you a plant solution that fits best for you!

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