Solution for Biofertilizer Manufacturing Plant in the Gambia

On April 13th

A truck with a full production line with automatic biofertilizer manufacturing machines departed, heading for the port in Qingdao province. About 3 days after, the machines will be on the ship towards the Gambia. Its buyer was an owner of a biofertilizer manufacturing plant, who adopted the primitive way of production, namely making biofertilizer without machines. He and his workers manually mixed peanut shells and bio humus organic fertilizer to produce biofertilizer. And soon, he found it was void of efficiency and uneven nutrient proportions in his product. Therefore, the client asked if there was a feasible way to improve the efficiency of his bio fertilizer manufacturing plant.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Bio Fertilizer Production?

Mechanization is the best and simplest way to enhance the efficiency of production. With the help of machines, making fertilizer is easy and fast, requiring less manual work.

Hence, the client expected us to give him a solution to mechanize the entire process of biofertilizer manufacturing. Then, what did we offer him? A full bio fertilizer production line of high automation. It is equipped with smart fertilizer processing machines, such as a dynamic batching machine, that will process bio fertilizer automatically. The buyer has no longer to depend on manual work in the procedure of making bio fertilizer.

Why Should One Mechanize Bio Organic Fertilizer Production in the Gambia?

With the advancement of technology, the emergence of machines revolutionized the mode of manufacturing for all industries across the world, setting off a wave of mechanization. Then, what is the importance of mechanization in bio organic fertilizer production? Why should one buy a full automatic production line for biofertilizer manufacturing? To improve productivity? Typically, yes. That is why the phenomenon of displacing labor work with smart machines is commonplace. However, it can do more for your fertilizer production.

Making Biofertilizer Easy and Fast!

Due to the lack of efficient fertilizer machines, the production of biofertilizer mainly depended on workers, the client said. In other words, every pound of bio fertilizer product is produced manually, from the step of mixing to the procedure of bagging. That is a very slow process, just like the customers mentioned in the email. However, once one retools his biofertilizer manufacturing plant with the latest machines, the whole production line will be easy and fast.

belt conveyor in fertilizer production line

The conveying system will carry your raw materials to every fertilizer processing machine which aim to turn them into good biofertilizer that meets the national standard. In your mechanized bio fertilizer plant, there is one piece of equipment requiring manual operation-the control panel. With one touch of a button, your bio fertilizer factory will make tons of products in a day, without taxing labor.

Baching Machine with 2 Hoppers

Stable Production Brings More Profits!

Because of many uncertainties in the manual preparation of biofertilizer, the output of the client’s old factory changes almost every day. Commonly, it is well below the expectations, leading to an unsafe supply of biofertilizer products. That not only will cause of loss of regular customers but a risk of getting out of the fierce fertilizer market.

As we know, machines, with intricate mechanisms, are more precise than humans. Therefore, a mechanized biofertilizer plant is able to guarantee a stable supply of products. Once you open the production line, the biofertilizer production is smooth, without frequent mechanical breakdown or malfunction. What’s more, every step of bio fertilizer manufacturing is controllable. Accordingly, your production plan is no longer a list of meaningless numbers but a guide to biofertilizer production.

Lower Production Costs Put You at an Advantage

There is a huge need for a large workforce even in a small biofertilizer plant if you choose manual production. Each production process requires 2 workers, and the step of mixing, an important one, needs at least 4 workers. In the email, the client once mentioned that there were 15 workers in his small biofertilizer manufacturing plant, but sometimes he found himself short-handed and needed to hire casual workers. That inevitably increases his production costs. Then, how does mechanization help to cut production costs?

It is true that machines with high technology are expensive. But, it is still a wise choice to use them during bio fertilizer manufacturing, if you take a long-term view. In fact, 4 workers are enough for a 1 t/h biofertilizer production factory. 1 worker feeds raw materials, 2 are responsible for bagging and stacking, and the rest is ready for any contingency. In a country where labor costs are on the rise, the automatic biofertilizer production will save a lot of money for you.

Worrying about extortionate electricity bills? Actually, our organic fertilizer making machines are energy-efficient. Compared with machines from other suppliers, our biofertilizer manufacturing equipment consumes less power. Clean energy, such as solar power is a good option in regions where energy prices are high.

Standard Products Boost Your Bio Fertilizer Business

For those who want to make biofertilizer for sale, an automatic fertilizer production line is recommended. Not only because machines stand out by their high efficiency but surpass humans in terms of precision. Take the step of mixing as an example. Our smart blending machine can mix all kinds of fertilizer power well so that you can produce a well-balanced biofertilizer, which is hard to realize in the process of manual blending.

Horizontal Blending Machine with a Large Capacity

How To Increase The Daily Output Of Biofertilizer Making Plant?

Considering the investment, a biofertilizer production line with a small capacity is more affordable for the client. However, the customer is bullish on the future of his biofertilizer business. Therefore, he demanded that the capacity of his production line should be expendable. Then, How to meet his needs for increasing the daily output? There are 2 ways.

The design of biofertilizer production

Actually, it is not always proper to buy a fertilizer production line with a large capacity. For those who live in a country where labor is cheap, a small fertilizer production line is a preferable choice. Take the biofertilizer production line we sold to the client as an example. Though its hourly capacity is small, about 1 ton, it can produce 24 tons of biofertilizer if it runs 24 hours a day.

Given the huge market for biofertilizer in the Gambia, the customer will make profits in the first year, according to our conservative estimation. With accumulated capital, he can buy larger fertilizer machines and use belt conveyors to connect them with the old bio fertilizer production line. Therefore, the customer’s biofertilizer manufacturing plant will double, or even, triple in terms of daily output.

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