4 Trending Fertilizer Blenders for 2022

How to make good fertilizer with well-balanced nutrients? Use an efficient compost turner in the process of hot composting chicken manure, or a dynamic batching system to batch NPK fertilizer powder at a certain ratio? Yeah, these fertilizer manufacturing machines are essential to produce salable fertilizer products. However, you need fertilizer blenders to mix all your raw materials to make fertilizer with well-proportioned nutrients!

In fact, a fertilizer mixer has a vital role in the procedure of making fertilizer, no matter what kind of fertilizer product you are prepared to make. Take the procedure of compound fertilizer powder as an example. Without the step of mixing, the proportion of raw materials in your final fertilizer is likely to differ a lot, failing to meet national standards as a product for sale. Therefore, it is time for you to pick an ideal fertilizer mixer and make good fertilizer!

4 hot Fertilizer Blenders for Sale

There are various hot types and models of fertilizer blenders on the markets. How to make a choice among them? As a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer in the world, we will share 4 hot fertilizer mixer machines with you today!


Are you looking for efficient mixing fertilizer equipment for your commercial fertilizer plant? Try our horizontal fertilizer mixer! As raw materials go into the mixer, the blades on the main shaft will consecutively mix them. After 3-5 minutes, well-blended fertilizer powder will be discharged through the outlet and sent to the granulating machine.

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· Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer for Sale ·

A Top Choice for Large-scale Fertilizer Plant

Model: SXWJ-1630

Capacity(t/h): 10-15

Power(kw): 22

Dimensions(mm): 3950x1720x2100

Stirring Speed(r/min): 21


There are 2 types of shaft mixers, namely double shafts horizontal blending machine and single shaft mixing machine. Comparatively, the latter has smaller mixing tank, so it is widely chosen by the owners of fertilizer plants with a small output, like a 1-3 t/h compound fertilizer factory. But, please crush and screen your fertilizer powder before the process of mixing, or any hard materials will damage the mixing blades.

· Shaft Mixer for Sale ·

Give Your a Fine Fertilizer Powder

Model: SXSJ-0830

Diameter of mixing shaft(mm): 420

Power(kw): 11

Dimensions(mm): 3700x800x750

Stirring Speed(r/min): 35

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Are you planning to make NPK fertilizer granules on the principle of dry granulation? Then, you need to match your dry granulation equipment with a pan fertilizer mixing machine! Thanks to its special design, a pan mixer can be placed above your roller press granulators, which saves a lot of room in your NPK plant.

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· Pan Mixing Machine for Sale ·

Buy It for Your Dry Granulation Equipment

Model: SXPJ-2000

Capacity(t/h): 4-6

Disc Diameter(mm): 2000

Dimensions(mm): 2000x2000x1850

Stirring Speed(r/min): 16


Unlike the mixing systems for fertilizer powder we mentioned above, our BB fertilizer mixer technically is used to blend different NPK fertilizer granules during the procedure of producing mixed fertilizer.

· BB Fertilizer Mixer for Sale ·

Designed for Mixed Fertilizer Makers

Model: SXBM-1525

Capacity(t/h): 5-10

Power(kw): 5.5

Lifting Powder(kw): 4.5

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With new upgrades, it overcomes the shortcomings of common BB fertilizer blenders on the markets, such as leading to separation caused by the different sizes of NPK fertilizer granules in the production of BB fertilizer. Accordingly, the mixed fertilizer made with our BB fertilizer blender has balanced nutrients. Here, we provide a full bulk blending fertilizer production with a dynamic batching machine, a mixing system and an auto bagging machine.

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