The Solution for 5 t/d Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant in Sri Lanka, with Dry Granulation Machine

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There was a client from Sir Lanka who sent an inquiry about our roller press granulator. With an idea to set up a plant to turn chicken poop into fertilizer, he found several suppliers on the Internet and hoped they could offer him an affordable production line. Some manufacturers advised the choice of a roller press granulator because is a dry granulation machine.

Commonly, the granulating machine that works on the principle of dry granulation has the ability to make fertilizer granules with ideal water content. In other words, you can pack your fertilizer granules without the process of drying and cooling. Accordingly, the production of fertilizer requires a few steps and investments. Then, the client googled roller press granulator for sale, and our website just came into view. After finishing the page about the double roller granulator, he was interested in our service of customizing fertilizer production lines. Accordingly, the customer sent us an email about his chicken manure making plant.

Roller press granulator for sale

Which Kinds of Dry Granulation Machines Should the Client Buy to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer?

When the customer told us that he needed to use a roller press granulation machine to make chicken litter fertilizer, we were totally in a puzzle. There are various types of roller granulators for making fertilizer, but none of them are designed for making organic fertilizer granules. The client explained that it was a suggestion from other suppliers of fertilizer machinery. Then, we realized that it was a trick of these manufacturers.

The Application of a Roller Press Granulator

As one of the dry granulation machines, the roller press granulator has a strict standard for the moisture content of raw materials. The best level of the water content is within the range between 5% and 10%. In theory, chicken litter has a large amount of water, about 25%-30%, after the process of composting. If you put it into the double roller granulator, it is likely to stick to the ball sockets on the rollers. Then, you will get nothing but a cascade of troubles when you clean the rollers.

Compound fertilizer! Our double roller granulator is designed for granulating NPK fertilizer powder. With less water content, compound fertilizer powder can be pressed into small granules easily. However, you should make sure there are no lumps in your raw materials, or the granulation rate will drop. That is why we suggest our clients buy a crushing machine to grind their raw materials into a fine powder before granulating.

The raw materials that can be processed by roller press granulator

Flat Die Pellet Mill for Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production

Chicken manure granulating machine for sale

So, which chicken manure fertilizer granulating machines should the client buy? Is there a dry granulation machine for making chicken litter fertilizer? Wait, our flat die pellet mill is what the client needs! There are 2 types of dry granulation machines we sell. One is the roller press granulation, and the other is the flat die granulator. Unlike the former, our flat die granulator is designed for making organic fertilizer pellets. It can granulate fertilizer powder whose water content is less than 30%.

How to Use the Dry Granulation Machine to Make Chicken Manure?


There are 2 things you need to do in the process of composting, or the water content of your chicken litter may be higher than needed. When you follow the following steps, the water content of your well-composted chicken manure will look like dark soil, without too much water.

Use a separator to dry your fresh chicken litter first.

Mix your chicken litter compost with materials, like straw, hay and sawdust, to further reduce its water content.

In vessel composting system for chicken manure
Screening machine for sale


It is necessary to use a rotary drum screening machine. On the one hand, it can screen hard materials in your chicken manure compost that can break rollers and molds of the flat die granulator. On the other hand, the purity of your chicken manure fertilizer can be improved greatly.


You can pour your composted chicken manure into the flat die pellet mill with your hands or an auto conveying machine. Remember to keep the feeding speed stable. As the raw materials are fed into the granulator, the rollers will press them into die holes. Then, your organic fertilizer powder is turned into fertilizer granules.

Flat die pellet mill making fertilizer
Chain crushing machine for sale


You need to screen granulated fertilizer granules to find out these substandard ones. You can use a fertilizer crushing machine to grind it into powder and then put it into a granulator again.


Yes, standard chicken litter fertilizer can be bagged without the process of drying and cooling. Your organic fertilizer granules have high strength. You have no need to worry about the possibility that they may break into pieces during storage and transportation.

Auto Bagging Machine for Sale

5 t/d Flat Die Granulation Line for the Customer’s Chicken Waste Fertilizer Factory

Flat Die Granulating Machine on Fertilizer Production Line

According to the requirements of the client, we drew a design of a 5 t/d chicken manure fertilizer production line. It has the necessary equipment we mentioned in the process of making chicken manure fertilizer, such as a rotary screener, a chain crusher and a single bucket packager. The whole fertilizer production line runs automatically, producing batches of chicken litter fertilizer granules without tiring manual work. We chose the SXPM-400, an industrial chicken manure pellet mill, for the client, which can produce 1 ton of fertilizer granules per hour. It can make the productivity of the customer’s chicken manure fertilizer plant much higher than the roller press granulator does!

To have an ideal solution for your fertilizer plant, it is prudent to ask for suggestions from different suppliers of fertilizer making machines. A leading manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best solution for our clients! You can contact us to get the fertilizer production line that is designed for you.

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