The Solution for 10,000 T/Y Organic Fertilizer Plant in Damascus, Syria

On March 21st

The head of a corporation emailed us for a solution. He had a project proposal to produce 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. When the customer googled suppliers of cow dung fertilizer machine, our page about how to make fertilizer from cow dung drew his attention. Then, he clicked the page and patiently read it from start to finish. There were plenty of pictures of our equipment in cow dung fertilizer plants. That won the trust of the client. Therefore, the customer filled out the contact form at the end of the page. Once we received his inquiry, we immediately contacted him on WhatsApp for more details about his plant project.

Which Fertilizer Is Better, Granules or Powder?

In the email, the client said, “…We have a project to produce 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer annually. The raw material is cattle manure. Can you offer us a proper production line?…” As a leading supplier of cow dung fertilizer machine, we have several designs of fertilizer production lines for the customer. However, we could not provide an ideal one for him, because there was a vital question: what kind of cow dung fertilizer does the customer want to produce?

When we mentioned this question, the customer asked for our suggestion. Actually, granular fertilizer and powder are salable on the markets. Cow dung fertilizer granules have the ability to provide nutrients for a long time and, while fertilizer powder can be absorbed quickly. Commonly, the owners of small fertilizer plants prefer organic fertilizer power due to its easy production and low production cost.

Fertilizer production line for Organic fertilizer powder
Fertilizer production line for Organic fertilizer granules

One can buy a large production line to make fertilizer powder and fertilizer granules at the same time if he has sufficient capital. After analyzing the domestic market research, the client decided to have an organic fertilizer production line to make cow dung fertilizer granules because of the high popularity of granular fertilizer.

10,000 T/Y Cow Dung Fertilizer Production Line for Sale

According to the requirements of the client, we drew a design of a disk granulation line with all the cow dung fertilizer machines that the client needed. When the vertical crushing machine and the pan mixing machine turn cattle manure into fine organic powder, our cow dung pelletizer will round it into small granules. Then, the pellets will flow into the rotary drum dryer and the rotary drum cooler. All the cow dung fertilizer machines are highly automatic, requiring less manual work. The design we sent to the client is attached a quotation for the cow dung fertilizer production line. As the customer demanded, we shared lots of the equipment that he required. The client quite liked our solution, but he didn’t pay the deposit in haste. There were some things he needed to know.

Disk granulating for sale

What Are the Customer’s Questions?

1. About the Production

It should be 30 t/d at least. If you use fresh cow dung as raw material, you need to prepare more manure. Usually, you can get 500 kilos of cow dung fertilizer powder from 1 ton of fresh cattle manure. Therefore, you should prepare 20,000 tons of fresh cow waste for a year of operation.

It is up to you. You can produce pure cow dung fertilizer granules. Alternatively, it is a good choice for you to add manure from other animals to provide some nutrients that cow manure lacks. Thus, you can produce organic fertilizer pellets with balanced nutrients.

2. About the Service

We give a one-year warranty for free. If your cow dung fertilizer machine is broken without any man-made cause, the SX Machinery will take full responsibility for requiring it.

Of course! When you receive the cow dung fertilizer production line, our engineer will contact you via video calls or phone calls. He will instruct you on how to install the cow dung fertilizer machines step by step. Along with the machines, there will be an instruction manual about how to maintain our machines in the right way. It can give you lots of practical tips to keep your cow dung fertilizer machine in good condition. In addition, we have a 24/7 technical squad set up to answer all the questions you meet in fertilizer production.

We deliver cow dung fertilizer machines from China. After you pay the deposit, we will consult with the delivery company to make sure lead time and maritime route. Then, we will send the machine to the Qingdao port for shipment. When the ship sets off, we will offer your the tracking number so that you can check the location of your cow dung fertilizer machines. Also, we will provide you with documents timely to facilitate you with the procedures of customs clearance.

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