3 T/H Organic Fertilizer Plant in the USA

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An American client paid the deposit for a complete organic fertilizer plant. He was a businessman who wanted to invest in a commercial fertilizer making plant. In September 2021, the client found us for the design of a complete fertilizer plant. Immediately, we connected him by phone, for more details about his plan. Then, we sent him the drawing of a 3 t/h organic fertilizer plant according to his requirements. Facing various designs and solutions from different suppliers, the client spent a month weighing his options, and finally, he chose us.

The delivery of organic fertilizer production line

Unfortunately, we could not deliver the production line at that time because of a server pandemic domestically. Over a month later, the client called us to make sure whether we could deliver or not. He had suspended his project for us for a long time. We quickly replied to him that his organic fertilizer making machines would be delivered within 15 days when he paid the deposit. As compensation, the price of his production line remained the same. Even the prices of some organic machines rose greatly. Now, let us share the solution we offer to this American client.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

1. A Complete Line for Organic Fertilizer Plant

The client had tons of organic materials that needed to be granulated. He pointed out that the line should process organic fertilizer at the speed of 3 tons per hour. Therefore, we sent him the layout of the 3 t/h disk granulation line and the quotation and dimensions of the organic fertilizer making machines that his factory required, as the client demanded.

The disk pelletizer for organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer granulation line has all granular fertilizer making machines, including mixing machines and crushing machines. From the first step of feeding to the final step of bagging, the client has no need to operate the machines to manufacture organic fertilizer granules, because the whole production line is highly automatic. With 3 or 4 workers who are responsible for the machine maintenance, his organic fertilizer plant can produce tons of fertilizer products every day.

2. A Coating Machine for Organic Fertilizer Granules

In the email, the customer noted, “ …Part of the granulated organic fertilizer needs to be coated with other minerals…” Therefore, we suggested the client use our rotary coating machine. In the production of organic fertilizer granules, substandard granules will enter into the coating machine to be covered with a layer of special mineral materials, so that they will not cake easily during long-time storage or transportation. The coating machine coated organic fertilizer with mineral powder or liquid.

The coating machine for organic fertilizer granules

3. The Details About the Organic Fertilizer Production Lines We Sold

The customers demanded some pictures of our past work and other similar plants. We shared with him 3 solutions that we recently had offered to our clients from Vietnam, Columbia and India, respectively. In their organic fertilizer making plants, disk granulating machines manufactured tons of good granular fertilizer consecutively, winning their favor. We sent videos of these plants to the American client, coupled with lots of pictures of the equipment that he needed, our factory for manufacturing fertilizer machinery and the patents for our machines. That earned us his trust.

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