The Solution for Manure Management of a Commercial Farm with 500,000 Chickens in Columbia

On March 22nd

A poultry farm owner sent an email, asking what solutions we can offer for managing chicken litter. In his inquiry, we knew that he ran a commercial chicken farm with 500,000 chickens, and a huge amount of stink chicken manure produced every chicken cycle brought him a lot of problems. Now, he just wanted a way to properly dispose of his chicken manure. The client said in the email, “…our chicken beds are mainly made of rice husks, and we remove them after 6 or 9 chicken cycles (about 6-12 months). We are looking for a solution to turn these chicken beds into organic fertilizer of greater quality but less pungent odor when we use it to fertilize the soil…”

The Requirements of Our Client

The buyer’s requirements are quite simple and clear: a commercial composting machine to turn his chicken manure into useful fertilizer and a whole chicken manure fertilizer production line to produce high-quality organic fertilizer. Once we received the client’s email, we immediately connected him to ask for more details about his plan and sorted out an effective solution for him.

Chicken manure granules of high quality

The Solution for Manure Management of Commercial Chicken Farm

· The Chicken Manure Composting Machine ·

Groove type composting machine for chicken manure

Given the huge amount of annual chicken manure produced on his farm, we chose our commercial chicken manure composting machine for him. We sent him a drawing of a fermentation area where he should establish 3 grooves (40 m X 4 m X 2 m) for composting. In the process, our chicken manure composting machine will turn his chicken manure automatically, reducing his workload. A specific device can help the chicken manure composting equipment shift among the grooves.

In addition, we told the buyer that it would be better if he established the grooves indoors because the animals on his farm could be immune to the influence of the bad odor from his compost. After 20 days, tons of chicken litter would be well-composted, without any pungent smell.

The groove for compositng machine

· The Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line ·

Our client wanted to produce organic fertilizer pellets of high quality, so he needed to further process his composted chicken manure. Due to the huge volume of his animal manure, we designed a 5 t/h organic fertilizer production line.

The feeding machine will feed composted chicken manure to a rotary drum screener that aims to sift the raw materials to improve the purity of organic fertilizer powder.

The composted chicken litter will enter into a horizontal mixer to be crushed into a fine powder, lowering the difficulty of granulation.

Chicken manure fertilizer powder will be sent into the granulating machine. We chose 2 industrial disk pelletizers (the SXYZ 2800) for his farm. They can produce 5 tons of good organic fertilizer granules per hour.

Fertilizer granules will be dried and cooled. We provide an outfit for the dedusting system for recycling the dust generated in fertilizer production. Hence, a green and healthy environment of the client’s animal farm is guaranteed.

Substandard chicken litter fertilizer granules will be sifted and re-granulated while good granules will be packed.

The pan granulation line can consecutively produce tons of good chicken manure fertilizer granules on the premise that each fertilizer making machine is in good condition. What’s more, the whole production line is highly automatic, so it is able to realize mass production with less workforce. It is enough for 3 or 4 workers to control and supervise the organic fertilizer plant.

Our Client’s Concerns

This was the first time that our client had sought a solution from an overseas company, so he was quite prudent. He asked us if we had shipped any fertilizer making machines to Columbia. Recently, we sold a cattle manure drying machine and a windrow type composting machine to 2 Columbia customers. We could not go into too much detail about their personal information, but we shared the solutions that we provided to them with the client. Also, we sent our client lots of pictures and videos of our factories and fertilizer making machines, earning trust from him. Finally, our Columbia buyer chose our solution for manure management and promised he would pay the deposit at the end of this month.

The Shipment of Fertilizer Making Machines

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