Windrow Type Composting Machine Shipped to Columbia

On January 23th

The ship, with a windrow type composting machine, departed from Qingdao, a seaside city. After haft a month, it arrived in Columbia. Then, the windrow type composting machine it shipped was sent to a large-size cow dung farm. The farm owner hadn’t found a perfect solution to treat tons of cow dung until he met us. At first, he sent inquiries to several suppliers of fertilizer making machinery, asking for a machine to help him in the process of aerobic composting. These suppliers could only provide him with groove type composting machines. However, the buyer wanted a simple and easy way to compost. Set up a huge groove and drive a forklift to move the manure into it? No, that is trying!

Our solution

Windrow composting machine turning animal manure

Considering our client’s dislike of groove type composting, we suggested to him one type of windrow machine – commercial compost machine. When the customer composts his cattle manure, he can stack the manure into long strips on his farm, and then drive the commercial compost machine to turn the pile from time to time, to aerate it and prevent it from overheating. After 20 days, his cattle manure will be well-composted.

· Windrow Type Composting Machine in Columbia ·

To Speed Up the Process of Composting

The windrow type composting machine is one of the hottest composters in our company because it is able to create aerobic conditions for compost piles. In the process of turning the compost pile, our windrow type compost turning machine will use its turning teeth to crush and turn your compost pile, providing more oxygen to your animal manure. Hence, microorganisms will be highly active and then break down quickly, accelerating the process of composting. After the process of composting, all bad materials in your compost, such as pathogens, insect eggs, and parasites, will be destroyed. Hence, you can produce excellent organic fertilizer with high quality and purity.

Windrow Compost Turning Machine for Organic Fertilizer Making

The Outstanding Design of Our Windrow Type Composting Machine

  • Closed driver’s cab to provide a pleasant working environment.
  • Caterpillar to allow the stable process of turning animal manure.
  • Water sprayers to increase the water content of your compost pile.
  • Anti-corrosive turning teeth to mix, turn and crush your animal manure.
  • Huge hourly capacity to turn the compost with an area of 1500m3 at most.

What Did Our Client Say?

When the buyer watched the working video of our windrow type composing machine, he was quite satisfied. He expressed his preference for the closed design of the driver’s cab that allows the worker to be immune to the stinking odor of animal manure. Then, the client asked if it was easy to operate the cow dung compost machine. We sent him a picture of the inside of the driving room in which he could see the joysticks. He can use these joysticks to control directions.

Then, we discussed the details of the shipment and payment method. Our Columbia client surely paid 30% of the full price in advance, and the rest he would pay after the delivery.

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