2 t/d Chicken Manure Pellets Fertilizer Production Line in Vietnam

On November 5th

On November 05th, a client in Vietnam, who once brought a hydraulic composting machine from us, connected us again to ask for a full organic fertilizer production line. The client has a commercial chicken farm with about 100,000 chickens. 2 years ago, he purchased an industrial chicken manure composting machine to dispose of his tons of farm waste. Recently, he has had an idea to make chicken manure as a business. Therefore, as an old client, he came to us for a solution for his chicken manure fertilizer making plant.

What Did Our Client Want?

Our buyer wanted to set up a fertilizer granulation plant to produce chicken manure fertilizer. Hence, we needed to offer him a design of a full organic fertilizer production line. The client iterated the importance of a healthy environment in his fertilizer plant and demanded a dedusting system. According to the requirements of our client, we provided him with a 2 t/h chicken manure pellets fertilizer production line.

2 t/h Chicken Manure Pellets Fertilizer Production Line

There was a commercial dis pelletizer to make his chicken manure into fertilizer granules. The client was curious, asked why we chose the pan granulator. He thought the flat die pellet mill was a great choice, because it, as a dry granulation machine, could make dry chicken manure fertilizer granules.

Disk granulating machine for chicken manure
Disk granulating machine for sale

Indeed, the chicken manure fertilizer granules it makes require no process of drying or cooling, lowing production costs. However, the flat die granulator is not the ideal one for his plant. There are 2 reasons:

The chicken manure pellet mill has a rather small hourly capacity. The client needs to purchase at least 3 or 4 chicken litter pellet mills for his plant. That is much more expensive than buying a disc granulator.

The chicken waste pellet mill works on the principle of dry granulation that generates dust and powder in the process of granulating.

Hence, we chose a commercial disc pelletizer for his chicken manure fertilizer production line. It will dampen his composted chicken manure first, and then round it into small granules with centrifugal force. Throughout the process of granulating, there is no dust or powder.

After granulating, chicken manure fertilizer granules will be sent into a rotary drum drying machine. A hot stove will provide heat for the dryer, so the water content of chicken manure fertilizer will be reduced to an ideal level after the process of drying. Then, these fertilizer granules need to be cooled.

What We Have?

Highly Efficient Dedusting System

Considering the huge amount of dust and powder generated in this process, we equipped the dryer and cooler with cyclone dust collectors and induced air fans. The fan can blow a blast of wind and help collect dust in the dryer or cooler. Then, powder will go into the cyclone dust collector. Therefore, our client’s chicken manure fertilizer making plant has no possibility to be plagued by dust pollution caused by fertilizer production.

Dedusting system for fertilizer making plant
Dedusting system for fertilizer making plant

Highly Automatic Production

As our client expected, the whole chicken manure consisted of highly automatic fertilizer making machines. With the help of an auto conveying system, raw materials can go into each of the fertilizer making machines without the need for manual feeding. Hence, less workload allows our client to manage a commercial fertilizer making plant will less spend on the workforce.

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