There are 3 reasons:

First, we only manufacture fertilizer making machines with high-quality steel and alloy, such as 304 stainless steel and manganese steel, so that their service life is much longer than that of the machines from other brands.

Second, you can not compare products by their price. As we know, some companies are selling some product with the same name as our machine, but its output are smaller than ours. That’s why their machines have an absurdly low price. All in all, you should be circumspect when you purchase any products, or you may regret your choice.

Third, not only do we provide high-quality fertilizer making equipment, but other services that can not be offered by other small companies, such as machine customization and plant solution. Moreover, we have a professional square set for giving you technical support. If you have any problems with our machine or fertilizer production, we will solve it as soon as possible.

So you see, the products we sell actually are much more cost-effective, right?