The Solution for Making Pig Manure Fertilizer in the USA

On March 16th

The owner of a large-scale swine farm sent an inquiry for a solution. Driven by the interest of making profits from his pig manure, he needed some machines for making pig manure fertilizer granules. The client had a smattering of knowledge about organic fertilizer production. After spending a week researching on Google, he basically knew the process of producing pig manure fertilizer granules for sale. Then, the customer made a list of steps for organic fertilizer production. He hoped we could offer him the pig manure fertilizer making machines that are required at every step.

How is to Make Swine Fertilizer for Sale?

In the email, the customer said, “…We would like to make organic fertilizer with the following phases: separating, composting, granulating, sieving, screening, dying.” Actually, it works for you if you make a small amount of pig waste fertilizer granules in accordance with the steps on the list.

However, we suggested the client consider the choice of buying a full fertilizer production line with a large output when we knew the scale of his pig farm. The client fed about 3,000 adult pigs that could produce tons of slurry every day. It is not feasible to use his way to process a huge number of swine waste. Then, how to make pig waste fertilizer granules in large quantities? To be honest, it is more complex to produce pig waste fertilizer for sale. There are at least 10 steps in swine fertilizer production.

The Design of Swine Manure Fertilizer Making Plant

The Process of Making Pig Manure Fertilizer Granules

To be honest, it is more complex to produce pig waste fertilizer for sale. There are at least 10 steps in swine fertilizer production.

The swine manure fertilizer production line

Because of the high water content, fresh pig manure needs to be dehydrated, or the process of composting is likely to end up in failure.

It is a vital part that is required in the process of making organic fertilizer, no matter what kind of animal manure you use. During this step, high temperatures in your compost will destroy all the harmful materials in your animal manure, improving the quality of your organic fertilizer.

Before granulating, it is necessary to screen composted pig manure because it can improve the purity of your raw materials.

During the process of composting, your pig manure fertilizer powder has the possibility to cake due to the sharp decline in moisture content of pig manure. You need to crush it into a fine powder, or it will be harder for you to granulate it.

The client mentioned the process of drying, so we inferred that the client preferred to adopt wet granulation to produce pig manure fertilizer granules. In the process of granulating, water or steam will wet organic fertilizer powder. Then, sticky fertilizer powder will be rounded into small granules as the granulating machine works.

Granulated swine manure fertilizer pellets have a high moisture content, above 50%. Hence, you need to bring it down prior to the step of bagging, or the water will lead to a serious caking problem.

High temperatures of organic fertilizer are another factor causing caking problems. Hence, dried swine waste fertilizer granules need to be cooled. The client was told by a supplier that natural cooling was an option for him. But, it is more efficient for the customer to use a machine to cool a vast bulk of fertilizer pellets.

Substandard pig waste fertilizer granules should be sieved.

To minimize the waste of raw materials, the client should grind substandard fertilizer granules and send them into the granulator again.

It requires a lot of manpower and time to manually bag tons of fertilizer granules. Hence, an automatic bagging machine will make the process of packaging much easier.

The fertilizer plant for making swine manure fertilizer

3 t/h Pig Manure Fertilizer Production Line for Automatic Production

Our exhaustive process of making swine manure fertilizer granules made the buyer change his mind. He wanted us to offer him a full pig manure fertilizer production line. As an international supplier of fertilizer machinery, we have several designs of pig waste fertilizer production lines that can meet his requirements. But, we need more details to pick an ideal one for him. Then, we asked the buyer what the hourly capacity of his production line was. He answered that he hadn’t made the decision about it and asked for advice. According to the scale of his pig farm, we recommended our 3 t/h pig waste fertilizer production line and a large-scale composting machine.

Groove Type Compostor on Fertilizer Plant

When the client separates solid from his pig manure, he needs to stack it in the groove and use the SXCF-4000 to turn it. After 20 days, he can get well-composted pig manure which can be used as a raw material for making organic fertilizer. Then, he should feed organic fertilizer powder into the feeding machine. Then, pig waste fertilizer will be processed into granules by the fertilizer machines one by one. After a few minutes, the buyer will see bags of pig waste fertilizer granules stacking next to the bagging machine.

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