A Business Opportunity in Animal Waste

In recent years, Malaysia has been our major export market. Last month, an organic fertilizer production line arrived safely in Malaysia. Its buyer was a businessman. He lived in the suburbs where there were several animal farms. From the perspective of an astute businessman, our Malaysian client sensed a business opportunity in the huge amount of animal waste from these farms. In his view, that may bring lots of economic returns to him. Thus, he connected with us online.


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Making Animal Waste Fertilizer

Between his words, we knew that our Malaysian customer needed a full organic fertilizer production line. And he wanted to make his animal waste into powder fertilizer. Besides, he expressed his satisfaction if the daily output of the organic production line reached 4 tons. Therefore, we sent him some pictures and videos showing the operation of our organic production line and asked if he liked it.

Our Design of Production Line

The whole production line has 5 parts, namely composting, feeding, crushing, screening and packing. We introduced it to our Malaysian buyer. In addition, we ensured that its hourly output could reach 1 ton per hour if every part runs smoothly. He was quite pleased with the design of that production line. Hence, he asked for more details about each machine and the process of making organic fertilizer.

Medium Powder Fertilizer Production Line with an Hourly Output of 1 Ton

Medium Powder Fertilizer Production Line with an Hourly Output of 1 Ton

1. Composting

Organic Fertilizer Composting Machine for Medium Fertilizer Plant

It is widely known that fresh animal manure can not be used as fertilizer. If used, it is likely to stunt the growth of plants and crops and, even worse, contaminate the environment. Considering our client’s budget, we recommended our moving type compost turner. It is able to turn the compost pile thoroughly with the operation of a skillful worker.

 Q & A

Q1: Should I compost indoors or outdoors?

Actually, it is all up to you. But, we highly recommend composting indoors. Therefore, the influence on the process of composting by weather is moderate.

Indoor Composting

Q2: How frequently should I turn my compost piles?

At the first, you need to turn them three or four times a day because of the sharp increment in temperature. When the rise nearly reaches a plateau, it is enough to do it once every two or three days.

Q3: How long is the process of composting?

Usually, it takes 4-8 months if you compost naturally. However, our moving type compost turner can shorten that lengthy period to a month.

Moving Type Composting in Fertilizer Making Plant

Q4: How much composted fertilizer can I get?

From raw waste to organic fertilizer, the ratio is about (3~4):1. For example, 4 tons of raw materials will produce a ton of organic fertilizer, or more.

2. Feeding

In order to ensure the consecutive production of making organic fertilizer powder, we equipped his production line with a material feeder. Firstly, the feeder pours the materials stably on the automatic conveying belt. Then, the belt will carry materials to the next machine.

 Q & A

Q1: How many workers do I need to feed raw materials?

Usually, 1 worker is sufficient. He can drive a forklift to feed your raw materials in to the machine..

Q2: How to control the flow of material?

There is a button that controls the speed.of belts. Accordingly, you can use it to determine the capacity of feeding materials.

3. Crushing

In fact, the process of crushing dominates the quality of fertilizer products. When you organic fertilizer powder is in bulk pieces, the difficulty of its application increases accordingly. In the end, the sales of your fertilizer products can not have any boost.

Then, we introduced our new type vertical crusher to our client. With the advantages of other crushing machines at home and abroad, our crusher is an advanced machine for grinding organic fertilizer.

 Q & A

Q1: What is the brand of the engine and accessories?

It is a common Chinese brand which is quite renowned inland. However, we can change it for you at a little extra cost If you prefer Siemens or other foreign brands.

The Brands of the Components of Our Products

Q2: How large is it?

Vertical Crushing Machine in Our Plant

The largetes is 1,300×750×1,900(mm). But, it changes acoording to the model you choose. Actually, it won’t take up too much room on your plant.

4. Screening

The step of screening aims to sift out unwanted materials, such as rocks, twigs and grains. Accordingly, the purity of organic fertilizer increases. At the same time, the big organic powder sifted by it will be sent back to the crusher for re-crushing. Thus, our clients will bear no economic damage because of the low utility rate of raw materials when he use our rotary drum screener.

 Q & A

Q1: Why not use your vibrating equipment?

Frankly speaking, the capacity of our vibrating equipment is much larger than that of our rotary screener. According to the capacity of other machines, it is not economical to use such a machine with a relatively large output,

Vibrating Machine for Commercial Organic Fertilizer Plant

Q2: Is it noisy in operation?

No, it isn’t. There is no harsh or loud noise when you use it under our guidance. If there is, please stop the machine immediately and check it thoroughly. If necessary, you can contact our technical team for help.

5. Bagging

In general, a good product should have attractive packaging.

Our single bucket bagging scale is controlled by a smart computer. Hence, it is able to automatic weigh, bag and seal. Besides, the whole process of packing doesn’t require many workers. One is enough.

 Q & A

Q1: What kinds of bags should be used, plastic or paper bags?

Usually, it is better to use a sack to pack fertilizer powder, because it is not easy to break.

An Invitation To Our Factory

Then, we cordially invited our Malaysian client to visit our factory. He agreed readily. On that day, we picked our client up at his hotel and headed for the factory straight. In the factory, we exhaustively introduced our products and showed him how to operate them.

Negotiation with the Client in Our Factory

An Agreeable Outcome for Both sides

During lunch, our buyer offered that he wanted a dehydrating machine and hoped we could give him a discount. For further corporation, our boss gave him a 4% discount without hesitation, clinching the deal in an agreeable atmosphere.

Quickly, the boat with animal manure fertilizer making equipment set sail toward Malaysia. Then, we immediately sent B/L and other custom clearance documents to our buyer and helped him check the location of the machines. A few days later, the whole organic fertilizer production line was put into operation with our assistance.

The Shipment of Malaysia Organic Fertilizer Production

We are noted as one of professional suppliers of fertilizer equipment in the international markets. In addition, we are committed to providing quality and cost-effective machines. If you are eager to have a shot at making money in fertilizer production, welcome to contact us at any time!

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