9,000 T/Y Organic Fertilizer Plant in Libya

On March 26th,

There was an inquiry from Libya, asking about the details of our production lines for animal manure fertilizer granules. The sender was a leader of the organic fertilizer plant project who was seeking a design of a production line and the machine that it required. Now, let us go into the details of his project and the solution we offered to him.

What Are the Requirement of Our Client?

In the inquiry, the client specified, “…I like the production line of granulated organic fertilizer containing poultry, cow and sheep waste…It should manufacture 9,000 tons of animal manure fertilizer pellets a year.” Therefore, we provided him with the design of a 9,000 t/y organic fertilizer granulation line that is equipped with a commercial animal manure granulating machine.

A 9,000 t/y Organic Fertilizer Plant Solution

The production line has all the machines that are required in the client’s factory, including an auto batching machine, a rotary screening machine and a horizontal blender. Besides, the whole organic fertilizer production line is of high automation due to the design of our auto organic fertilizer making machines and conveying systems. Once connected to power, it will process organic fertilizer powder and turn it into animal manure fertilizer pellets consecutively.

The design of commercial fertilizer plant

The Details About the Granulated Organic Fertilizer Production Line

This was the first time that the buyer had attempted to venture into organic fertilizer production. Therefore, he put lots of questions about the production line and our services.

Rotary drum granulating machine for sale

Commonly, the layout of the production line is flexible. You can send us the drawing and details of your plant. Therefore, our engineers can design an ideal organic fertilizer production line in accordance with the layout of your fertilizer factory.

Your plant runs smoothly with 5 workers. They take the responsibility of feeding raw materials, operating the furnace, putting bags for the bagging machine, stacking and maintaining the whole production line, respectively.

The quotation we sent you includes all the accessories you need. Actually, our organic fertilizer making machines, if well maintained and lubricated, can work for you for nigh on a decade. But, if you insist, we will send your a list of the spare parts that we provide to your email later. You can tell us which one you want, and we will update the price quote of the production line.

Because of the severe pandemic worldwide, our service of installation in client factories is suspended for the sake of the well-being of the client and our workers. But, our engineer will guide you with machine installation and worker training via video calls. The instruction manual, along with the production line, will be sent to you. It elaborates on how to operate and maintain each organic fertilizer making machine properly.
Also, you can contact our technical squad when you have any problem with fertilizer production. It will find a solution for you immediately.

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