5 T/H Organic Fertilizer Plant for Vermicompost in Nepal

A few days ago

A manufacturer of bio organic fertilizers sent us an email, asking for a complete line for the organic fertilizers. He ran a commercial plant for bio fertilizer granules. With abundant profits from his old plant, the client decided to set up a new fertilizer factory in the mid part of Nepal, to expand his production as well as market share. Because of his experience in the production of biofertilizer, the client thought that it was much easier for him to manufacture organic fertilizer than NPK fertilizer. Accordingly, he drew up a plan for the establishment of a commercial organic fertilizer plant. Then, what is the overwhelming priority of his plan? It is a complete organic fertilizer production line! Therefore, the buyer found us on our website, expecting that we could offer him an ideal design for his factory.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

Pan granulation line for fertilizer plant

The customer said, “…I want to set up a larger factory this time, so the production line should process at least 5 tons of vermicompost per hour…” It seemed that the requirement of our client was simple and clear. Hence, we sent the design of a 5 t/h organic fertilizer production line for vermicompost to the client’s email after we talked about the details of his new plant.

5 t/h Organic Fertilizer Plant for Vermicompost

Commonly, the layout of an organic fertilizer production plant has 2 parts: One is for composting, and the other is for fertilizer production. Given that his raw material is well-composted, the customer does not need to make any room for composting.

Hence, we just sent him the drawing of an organic fertilizer production line. The production line is composed of all the machines the buyer required, including a vertical crushing machine, a double shaft mixing machine and a coating machine. The organic production line requires less manual work due to its high automation. Once the buyer puts his vermicompost in the feeding machine, other organic fertilizer making machines will process his raw materials systematically.

Disk Pelletizer for Vermicompost

Disk pelletizer for vermicompost

In his biofertilizer making plant, the client uses disk granulating machines in the process of granulating. He emphasized his expectations for the same type of granulator for his new factory. Consequently, we recommended our new disk pelletizer, the SXYZ-3600. Compared with the one in the client’s old plant, our disk granulating machine is more advantageous.

The High Granulation Rate

After years of research and study, we refined and improved the granulation pan of the disk pelletizer. Hence, it, with a perfect arc structure, has a high granulation rate, over 93%. That is much higher than that of the same type of granulator from other suppliers and, of course, the buyer’s bio fertilizer factory.

The fertilizer granules made by disk granulating machine
The base of disk pelletizer

The Firm Frame

The pan granulating machine has a body that is made of rigid and durable steel. Its base, a triangle prism, is solid and stable, ensuring the smooth process of granulation. Therefore, the disk granulating machine can stably manufacture organic fertilizer granules without being fixed by anchor bolts.

The Self-cleaning Device

The disk granulating machine works on the principle of wet granulation. In other words, it should dampen the raw materials first before granulating. It is inevitable that wet raw materials will stick to the granulation pan, increasing the difficulty of granulation. However, the scraper of our disk granulator can scrape off the raw materials sticking to the pan, which increases the efficiency of granulation.

The client once told us that sometimes he had to stop the granulator and clean the raw material sticking to the bottom of the pan. That has an adverse influence on the consecutive production of fertilizer granules.

The cleaning blade of disk granulator

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