30 T/H NPK Mixed Fertilizer Production Line in Indonesia

On September 23rd, 2021

The director of an Indonesian fertilizer company sent an inquiry about a bulk blending fertilizer production line. With the intention of diversifying his business, his boss had an idea to manufacture NPK mixed fertilizer granules and appointed him to take the charge of the project. Hence, our client found us to ask for a solution for his project of making mixed fertilizer.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

In the inquiry, the client expressed his interest in the equipment for the production of NPK mixed fertilizer. He said in the email, “…We want to produce mixed fertilizer granules by mixing three or more components, like urea, nitrogen fertilizer component, phosphorus fertilizer component and potassium fertilizer component. And the productivity is 30 tons per hour. We hope you can provide us with the design of a whole mixed fertilizer production line at the end of this month…”

BB Fertilizer Pellets

30 t/h NPK mixed fertilizer production line

According to his requirements, we designed a 30 t/h NPK mixed fertilizer production line for him. Its layout is short and simple. The full mixed fertilizer production line is composed of an auto batching system with 4 hoppers, a commercial mixed fertilizer mixing machine, a double bagging machine and belt conveyors.

Batching machine of mixed fertilizer production

· An Auto Batching Machine ·

We equipped his batching machine with 4 hoppers, so the clients could produce the mixed fertilizer granules containing the raw materials he wanted. In addition, if the client wants to produce a specific type of mixed fertilizer, such as NPK 15-15-15, he can change the batching ratio easily. The PLC controls accurately each silo.

· A Commercial NPK Mixed Granulating Machine ·

To meet the client’s requirement for mass production, we chose a rotary BB fertilizer mixer whose hourly capacity reaches 30 tons per hour.

Rotary drum mixer for mixed fertilizer
Double packing machine in fertilizer plant

· A Double Bagging Machine ·

After the process of mixing, the NPK mixed granules will go into the double bucket bagging machine. One bucket weighs a certain amount of mixed fertilizer granules, while the other one pours the granules into the bag. That increases the speed of bagging.

What Is the Price of the Full Mixed Fertilizer Production Line

In addition to the design, the client asked for the price of each machine that was required for his project. Hence, we sent him the quotation for the 30 t/h mixed fertilizer production line. Considering the upcoming Christmas Day, we offered him a 5% discount. The total price of the full mixed fertilizer production line was about 280,000 dollars, including insurance and freight.

The layout of mixed fertilizer production line

What Is the Delivery Time

The shipment of batching machine for fertilizer production

The deadline for the client’s project was the end of January 2022. So, it would be pleasant for him if he could get his mixed fertilizer making equipment as soon as possible. We told the client that we could deliver his production line by the end of this month once he paid the deposit. Commonly, the delivery time is about 15 days when we export fertilizer making machinery to Indonesia. When the boat sets sail, we will offer the client the tracking number, to make sure he knows the location of his goods.

What Is the Payment Terms

Our design stood out among the designs of mixed fertilizer production lines from other suppliers in terms of good quality, affordable prices and high automation. Hence, the customer contacted us to learn about the payment terms. We said, he should pay 40% of the price by TT as the deposit, and the balance should be cleared before the delivery.

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