90 m³ Fermentation Tank in Chile

At the beginning of February

An inquiry about our fermentation tank came from Chile. Its sender was a cattle farm owner who was seeking a way to fast compost his cattle manure. One day, he found an article introducing the fermentation tank on our website. He was impressed by the fast composting speed of our fertilizer fermentation vessel, so he immediately sent us an inquiry about our cattle manure fermentation tank.

90 m³ Fermentation Tank

At first, our client showed his preference for the SXFJG-30, one of the hot models of our fermentation tank. But, that was not the ideal one for him, given the scale of his cattle fame. We recommended the SXFJG-90 which was designed for large-scale composting. Apart from the price and capacity, these 2 types of fermentation vessels are alike in functions and features. They can shorten the process of composting from months to 20 days.

Fermentation tank for sale

Client’s Question About Cattle Manure Fermentation Tank

Fermentation tank for animal manure

No, sir. The commercial fermentation tank aerates your cattle manure when the temperature of your compost is above 140℉. During the process of composting, the temperature sensor, oxygen sensor and water sensor monitor your compost in real time, to create aerobic conditions for your compost. The devices, such as the blending shaft, the aeration system and the heating bar, are activated when your compost is not under optimal conditions.

Usually, it takes about 15-20 days.

Sorry, our in-vessel composting system can not tell you when the process of composting is done. However, you can know whether it is time for you to discharge your composted cow manure from the fluctuation in the temperature of your compost. Commonly, the temperature of well-composted cattle manure will drop to 104℉, or lower, and remain there for a long time. If you find the temperature won’t rise, you can discharge your composted cattle manure.

Yes, you do. You need to add some bulking agent to your cattle manure compost at a ratio of 1:100.

It is 25-30%. You can use our disc granulating machine or rotary drum granulating machine to turn your cattle manure compost into fertilizer granules.

Discounts Available

Our cattle manure fermentation tank won the client’s favor, but its high transportation costs and custom clearance costs, about 7,000 dollars, made our client respond with a kind of shocked silence. Because of the plague caused by the Covid-19 at home and overseas, the prices of shipment and delivery have increasingly hiked up, reaching historical highs. That was an irreversible fact.

We told our client that the transportation costs might increase next month due to the server pandemic, and we could offer him an extra 2% discount if he paid the deposit this month. After a few days, the client asked for more discounts to offset the extortionate transportation costs. For further cooperation, we agreed to sell the cattle manure fermentation tank at a discount of 3%.

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