2 t/h Cow Manure Powder Fertilizer Production Line in South Africa

On November 12th

There was an email from South Africa, looking for a solution to dispose of the manure on an animal farm with 400 adult cows. The sender had a small composting machine to help him turn his cattle manure into organic fertilizer. But, he needed a full production line to further process his compost, so that he could sell his cow dung fertilizer on the markets.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

The client told us that he wanted to make cow manure fertilizer powder. The reason was mainly that a powder fertilizer production line was short and simple, and consequently required less investment. Hence, the client expected us to offer him a design of a whole powder fertilizer production line within his budget, about 20,000 dollars.

2 t/h Cow Manure Powder Fertilizer Production Line

The cow manure powder fertilizer production line consists of a vertical crusher, a rotary screener, an auto bagging machine and belt conveyors. It covers a small room. The client has no need to rent a factory. Instead, he can produce high-quality fertilizer products in his backyard.

In the process of production, the client needs to manually put his composted cattle manure into the vertical crushing machine first. The crusher will grind raw materials into fine powder. Then, the auto conveying system will carry organic fertilizer powder to the next machine, reducing the workload of the client. It takes about a few minutes for composted cattle manure to be turned into bags of good organic fertilizer.

The Client’s Question

The rotary drum screening machine in the organic fertilizer plant

When the buyer looked at our design, he asked, “Why do I need a screener? Is it necessary to screen fertilizer powder?” Actually, a rotary screener is indispensable for every powder fertilizer maker, because it can improve the purity of his fertilizer. As we know, animal manure usually has undigested grains, little rocks and leaves. You need to screen these things, or the quality of your fertilizer powder may not be up to the national standard. After we explained it to our client, he realized the importance of the process of screening composted animal manure. Then, he asked for another screening sieve, as a spare.

We introduced the function of the other fertilizer machines to make sure that our client could be clear about powder fertilizer production. Also, we sent our buyer some videos about the organic fertilizer production line we had sold to other countries. In the videos, the production was systematic. Without the help of workers, tons of processed organic fertilizer powder continuously flowed towards the bagging machine, waiting to be packaged into bags of fertilizer products. The rather smooth and automatic production impressed our client.

The powder production line in organic fertilizer plant

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Customized Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Just like what our client said, a powder organic fertilizer production line is much more affordable than an organic granulator line for small investors because it requires fewer fertilizer making machines. The whole cattle manure powder fertilizer production line, with the freight, is about 19,000 dollars, which is lower than our client’s budget. In addition, we promised to offer the client a one-year warranty for free. After comparing solutions from different suppliers, the client finally chose us due to the affordable and efficient organic fertilizer making machines we provided to him.

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