The Solution for a 6 t/h Compound Fertilizer Granulation Plant in Germiston, South Africa

Last Week

We received an inquiry about a compound fertilizer granulation plant. The sender is the owner of a compound fertilizer plant for producing micro-elemental fertilizer pellets, largely containing zinc. It his plant, there is a compound fertilizer production line consisting of 3 hammer mills, 4 disc pelletizers, screeners, 4 coal furnace dryers and auxiliary equipment. The client is planning to set up a similar compound fertilizer pelletizing plant in Germiston, South Africa, to expand his production. Hence, he asks for the equipment needed for his new compound fertilizer plant.

What Are the Requirement of Our Client?

According to the client, he has already rented a new factory for commercial compound fertilizer production. He needs a full compound fertilizer production line to make micro-elemental fertilizer granules, with the hourly capacity of 5 tons, or more, if it is possible.

The client once pointed out that his old fertilizer production line lacked efficiency. Due to their long working time, about a decade, some of his compound fertilizer machines need to be tinkered with and lubricated frequently, halting fertilizer production. Hence, the buyer expressed his need for a full production line with more efficient and automatic compound fertilizer making machines.

Considering his requirements for new types of fertilizer making machines, the buyer needs us to train his workers to operate the equipment in the process of making compound fertilizer granules.

Compound fertilizer making plant

The Design of a 6 t/h Compound Fertilizer Granulation Plant

After discussing the details about the project with our buyer, we sent him the layout of a 6 t/h compound fertilizer granulation line. The production line is composed of the following machines: a feeding machine, 2 chain crushing machines, a double shaft mixing machine, 2 disk granulating machines, a rotary drying machine, a rotary cooling machine, a screening machine, a double bucket packager and auxiliary equipment.

High Efficient Compound Fertilizer Equipment We Offer

Some of these machines are quite new to the client, so we introduced their functions and features.

Chain crushing machine for compound fertilizer

· The Chain Crushing Machine ·

The chain crusher is designed to crush compound fertilizer powder in case your lumpy raw materials make the process of granulation difficult. One chain grinder aims to crush raw materials, while the other is used to grind substandard compound fertilizer granules into power so that they can be granulated again.

· Fast Drying Machine and Cooling Machine ·

In the old factory, our client uses 4 coal furnace dryers to dry his compound fertilizer granules, which consume lots of non-renewable resources. Hence, we provided him with a rotary drying machine equipped with a natural gas burner.

Chain crushing machine for compound fertilizer

In the process of drying, the burner will provide heat to reduce the water content of fertilizer granules without causing any pollution. After drying, fertilizer granules will enter into the rotary cooling machine. The client has no need to wait for a long time until his compound fertilizer cools down naturally. Therefore, fertilizer production accelerates and accordingly, productivity increases.

Disk pelletizer for compound fertilizer

· New Disk Granulator with Larger Capacity ·

With a small hourly output, 4 disc pelletizers can produce about 1-2 tons of compound fertilizer granules in the client’s old plant. Therefore, we recommend our industrial pan granulating machine, the SXYZ-3000. It can manufacture 4 tons of fertilizer granules at most every hour. 2 pan granulators can triple the hourly output of the client’s compound pelletizing plant. That meets the client’s need for mass production.

The Service We Offer

Machine Installation

As a supplier of compound fertilizer production lines, we have a wide range of business, including fertilizer plant design, machine installment and worker training. We told our client that our experts would help him install the whole production line and teach him how to operate and maintain it properly via video calls. If the client insists, our engineer can fly to his plant to guide him in person.

Granular fertilizer plant for sale

Technical Square

In addition, we have a comprehensive after-service system. There is a 24/7 technical square waiting to answer every client’s question about our compound fertilizer making equipment. If the client has any difficulty with the operation of his fertilizer production line, he can contact us at any time. Our experts will find an ideal solution for him as soon as possible.

Thanks to the efficient compound fertilizer machines and the great customer service we offer, the client eventually asked for quotations for the equipment that was needed for his project.

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