The Solution for Compound Fertilizer Factory in Myanmar

On March 9th

A director, on behalf of his fertilizer company, sent an email to us, stating his need for a solution for his compound fertilizer factory. Sensing the economic benefits in the markets of compound fertilizer granules, shareholders decided to set up a new compound fertilizer factory in order to expand production. Therefore, the director searched on the Internet to find a supplier who could provide him with proper compound fertilizer making equipment as well as a plant solution. However, none of the manufacturers he contacted could meet the latter requirement. The only thing they could do was offer compound fertilizer machinery or a complete production line. As an international supplier of fertilizer machinery, we can provide more to our clients, including production design, plant solution and machine installation (see our services). That made the director find a silver lining.

What Are the Requirements of Our Client?

Actually, the client was about to set up a compound fertilizer factory for producing 2 types of fertilizer products. One is compound fertilizer granules, and the other is bulk blending fertilizer granules. The shareholders thought, compound fertilizer granules, mixed with other fertilizer granules, could be made into bulk blending fertilizer products, which created another new product with a huge market. Therefore, they demanded 2 fertilizer production lines for their new plant. We phoned the director for more details about his project, such as raw materials and hourly capacity. He told us that 2 production lines should process 2 tons of fertilizer granules per hour. Then, he sent us pictures of the raw materials. There were soil, some NPK fertilizer powder and chicken manure.

The Solution for Compound Fertilizer Plant in Myanmare

Commonly, we suggest clients, particularly those who have no experience in fertilizer production, use dry granulation equipment for compound fertilizer. There are 2 main reasons

The NPK fertilizer it produces does not require the process of drying and cooling. Hence, it is much easier to successfully manufacture good fertilizer granules.

Due to reason 1, a full compound fertilizer production line has fewer machines. With a dry granulator, a mini plant can produce tons of compound fertilizer granules a day. Therefore, a compound fertilizer granulation plant can be established with a small investment.

Wet granulating machine for NPK fertilizer

However, the dry granulator has a high standard for the water content of the raw materials. When raw materials are too wet, they are prone to sticking to the rollers of the dry granulation equipment for NPK fertilizer, bringing the granulation rate down. According to the client’s raw materials, it is more advisable to use an NPK granulator that works on the principle of wet granulation.

2 t/h Disk Granulation Line for Compound Fertilizertion

Our disk pelletizer is one of the hot wet granulators. Before the process of granulating, its water sprayers will dampen the raw materials first. Consequently, the client does not need to purchase any specialist equipment to process his raw materials. Instead, he can just put them into the pan granulator to round them into granules! After being discharged from the pan granulating machine, these little granules then rush into the rotary dryer and the rotary cooler orderly, waiting to be turned into substandard granular compound fertilizer products.

The water sprayers of disk pelletizer
The coating machine for organic fertilizer granules

Considering the use of some of these compound fertilizer granules, as a kind of raw material for mixed fertilizer, we convinced the director to use a coating machine. Our coating machine will cover a layer of special raw materials, such as minerals, to the fertilizer granules. Accordingly, the granules will have a low possibility of caking because of their smooth surfaces.

2 t/h Bulk Blending Production Line

The customer wanted to produce 2 types of fertilizer granules separately. Therefore, we gave him 2 designs of the fertilizer production lines he needed. The client needs to manually put compound fertilizer granules into the dynamic batching machine.

Then, the batching system will batch different compound fertilizer granules at a certain ratio. Auto conveying belts will bring these pellets into the feeder of the BB mixer. Depending on an auto lifting device, the feeder will automatically pour the granules into the blender. After a few minutes of mixing, good bulk blending fertilizer granules run towards the single bagging equipment.

The design of BB fertilizer

The Layout of the Compound Fertilizer Plant

A systematic layout of a factory is a catalyst for efficiency. Our engineer optimized the layout of the 2 fertilizer production lines on the basis of the drawing of the director’s compound fertilizer factory. In addition, the designs we sent to the client were marked with the areas for production, re-granulation and storage. Some of these areas were connected to auto conveying systems. As a result, the efficiency of compound fertilizer production will be improved as the work of manually moving and loading is largely minimized.

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