12.5 t/h Churning Granulating Organic Fertilizer Production Line in South Africa

On January 28th

We received an email from South Africa, expressing the sender’s need to retool his commercial organic fertilizer plant. His plant, which produces tons of animal manure fertilizer granules every day, had over 20 years of history, and the machines in it were aging. Hence, our client had the intention of purchasing an auto organic fertilizer production line for his plant to upgrade his fertilizer production.

What Are the Needs of Our Client?

Cattle manure and chicken manure.

Just normal animal manure granules, in a size of 3-5 mm.

It would be better if it could reach 10 t/h. I want to expand my production of animal manure fertilizer.

About 100,000 dollars. Actually, money is not the main problem. If your design is perfect, I can pay more.

12.5 t/h Churning Granulating Organic Fertilizer Production Line

in South Africa

The production line consists of an automatic batching machine, a double shafts mixer, a rotary churning granulating machine, a dryer, a cooler, a set of dedusting systems, a chain crusher, a screening machine, and an auto packing machine.

The auto batching machine will batch different animal manure in a proper ratio. Hence, the client can produce a specific kind of organic fertilizer product.

The double shafts mixer will mix all raw materials completely

The rotary churning granulator will dampen the animal manure first and then use centrifugal force to round it into small pellets.

The dryer will dry the organic fertilizer granules and send them to the cooler.

The cooler will make the temperature of the fertilizer granules drop to an ideal level, so the fertilizer pellets won’t cake during a long time of storage and transportation.

The dedusting system will collect the dust generated during the process of drying, decreasing the possibility of air pollution in the plant.

The rotary screener will sift standard organic fertilizer granules that can be packed.

The chain crushing machine will grind substandard granules into a powder that can be re-granulated.

The packing machine will bag good organic fertilizer granules automatically, lowering the workloads of the workers.

rotary drum churning machine for organic fertilizer

Our Client’s Factory Tour

Considering that was the first time that he had spent a huge sum to buy machines overseas, the buyers asked if he could come to our plant and check the machines by himself. We delightedly invited him to our fertilizer machinery making plant and booked a hotel for him. When he arrived, we picked him up and went to the factory. During the factory tour, we introduced every fertilizer making machine that is required for his organic fertilizer production line. Our client seemed very interested in our rotary churning granulator, and he asked lots of questions about it.

The granulation rate of our churning granulator is about 97%, much higher than that of other types of granulating machines.

It is manganese steel, a kind of steel with an excellent feature of anti-corrosion.

50-200mesh, and 100mesh is the best. If needed, you can buy a crushing machine for your composted animal manure.

It is about 20%. You need to use a drying machine to lower it, or your fertilizer granules are likely to cake.

Rotary drum churning machine for sale

Cooperation for a Win-Win Result

The total price of the organic fertilizer production slightly exceeded our client’s capital, and that made the buyer waver. But, he finally paid the deposit after thoughtful consideration, because he was bullish that our production line would boost his organic fertilizer business. For further cooperation, we promised that we will repair it for free if a machine is broken without any artificial factors.

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