2-4 t/h Production Line for Making Cattle Manure Fertilizer

On March 17th

We received an email from a leading company in Georgia. The company has a wide range of businesses, including hospitality, agriculture and sustainable development. It owns a large dairy farm with at least 9,000 cows. The director of the company told us about his idea of making cattle manure fertilizer granules. He said, “…As a leading corporation in Georgia, we are committed to the harmony between development and the environment. Now, we have a commercial cow farm for producing dairy products and meat, 2,000ha of fruit orchards and 10ha of farmlands. We want to turn cow dung into organic fertilizer so that we can use it to nourish our plants and soil. In doing so, we are bullish that we will play a pivotal role in bringing biodiversity to the local…”

Honestly, cattle manure fertilizer contains various nutrients for plants and crops. Once fertilized, it will lead to a massive increase in plant growth and soil fertility. Therefore, the productivity of his farmlands and orchards will rise during the gradual improvement of the local environment. It is fair to say that his idea of making cattle manure fertilizer is economically beneficial and environmentally friendly.

What are the Requirements of Our Client?

In the email, the director articulated his need for detailed information about our organic fertilizer granulator with a capacity of 2-4 t/h. We immediately connected with him on WhatsApp and sent him some pictures and videos about the granulator he wanted. Then, we elaborated on how to use our disk pelletizer to produce cattle manure.

Feed composted cattle manure powder into the granulation pan evenly.

The water sprays will wet your organic fertilizer powder, so it can be rounded into small granules easily.

As the granulation pan rotates, cattle manure fertilizer powder is granulated into pellets due to huge centrifugal force.

A scraper scrapes the granulation pan and rolling organic fertilizer pellets, preventing granules from sticking together.

Granulated fertilizer will roll out of the granulator.

In the process of granulation, a worker needs to manually feed composted cattle manure into the granulating machine. However, if the client buys a complete fertilizer production line, our conveying belt will connect every organic making machine. Accordingly, animal manure fertilizer production can be totally automatic, without taxing manual work.

A 2-4 t/h Production Line for Making Cattle Manure Fertilizer

Rarely are there any farm owners that only buy a disc granulating machine to dispose of their animal manure, because the organic pellets the granulator produces need to be processed. In commercial organic fertilizer granulation plants, fertilizer pellets are dried and cooled for the sake of solving problems caused by caking, such as quality decline. The director doesn’t make cattle manure fertilizer for sale. However, we still insist that he should dry and cool his organic fertilizer so that his fertilizer could be stored for a longer time. Usually, drying and cooling fertilizer granules naturally is an option when one has a small number of granules. However, the director needs machines to process his tons of cattle manure fertilizer granules.

We persuaded the director to consider the choice of buying a whole pan granulation line. There are 3 reasons why we did this.

The director’s dairy farm is a stable source of organic raw materials. It is feasible for his company to set up a medium-size factory to make organic fertilizer granules for sale. That will lead to the diversification of business and a consequent increase in profits.

According to the annual capacity of his cattle manure, it is more efficient to operate a full production line to produce organic fertilizer granules in large quantities.

A full cow dung fertilizer production line has all fertilizer making machines, such as a rotary screening for improving the purity of organic fertilizer powder. It requires less manpower to produce tons of organic fertilizer of high quality.

Disc granulating machine for fertilizer production

What Is the Lead Time?

After rounds of negotiations with other people, the director asked for the design and quotation of a 2-4 t/h disk granulation line for making cattle manure fertilizer from us. 2 days later, he inquired about what the lead time was if he paid the deposits this week.

The delivery of cattle manure fertilizer production line

Commonly speaking, it takes at least a month and a half to ship goods from China to the USA. Sometimes, it may be longer if the severe pandemic causes strict lockdown in some areas. Thanks to the sufficient stock of the organic fertilizer making machines the client demanded, we can deliver the production line to the port as soon as possible when the client pays the bill. According to our estimation, the customer will receive his cow dung fertilizer production line at the end of May if he pays the deposit and the balance on time.

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