2t/d Powder Poultry Manure Fertilizer Production Line in India

On February 1st

Moving type composting machine for poultry manure

An Indian client asked us if it was possible to buy a full organic fertilizer production line with an investment of 30,000 dollars. Generally, a whole organic fertilizer production line for commercial plants costs at least over 100,000 dollars. But, it is still possible to set up an organic fertilizer making plant with a small amount of money. We asked the client’s demands for his production line and then advised him to purchase a small production line for powder fertilizer. There are 2 reasons.

It requires only a few machines to produce organic fertilizer powder, so the buyer can cut his spending on the purchase of fertilizer making equipment.

The production of power fertilizer is much easier than that of granular fertilizer. Given that the client lacks experience in fertilizer production, it is easier for him to successfully produce fertilizer powder.

2t/d Powder Poultry Manure Fertilizer Production Line in India

The layout of our client’s powder organic fertilizer production line has 2 parts: one is for composting, and the other is for producing fertilizer.


Composting Part

Our client’s raw material is poultry manure. He needs to compost the manure before making organic fertilizer powder. At first, we introduced our groove type compost turner to him and sent him a design of the fermentation area.

However, the client did not want to pay extra money to establish a groove. Then, we recommend a moving type composting machine that works on the principle of windrow composting. When the buyer prepares to compost, he can stack his poultry manure into long strips and drive our small poultry composting machine to turn the compost pile.


Production Areat

The powder poultry manure production line consists of a forklift feeder, a vertical crusher, a screening machine, a bagging machine, a control panel, and belt conveyors. It can produce about 2 tons of organic fertilizer powder per day.

The Process of Poultry Manure Fertilizer Production

The client needs to put his well-composted poultry manure into the feeder that will automatically feed raw materials.

A crushing machine will grind poultry manure into powder.

A screening machine will screen poultry waste, improving the purity of organic fertilizer powder.

An auto bagging machine will pack standard poultry manure fertilizer powder.

How Much Does it Cost?

We tried our best to design an ideal animal manure fertilizer production line that was within the price range of our buyer. The fertilizer making machines we chose were all required for the production of organic fertilizer. As for auxiliary equipment, such as buffered silo and product silo, we noted them in the quotation as optional. If our client has a higher standard for the efficiency of production, he can buy them. As we sum up the price of all the machines, the total cost is about 20,500 dollars, lower than our client’s expectations.

powder fertilizzer production line design

After comparing the production line designs from different suppliers, the client finally chose us and paid the deposit. At the end of February, the client showed us his poultry manure fertilizer products and expressed his surprise that he could have never thought that it was possible for him to make profits in fertilizer production with a small amount of investment. He promised, he would cooperate with us again if he wanted to expand his fertilizer production.

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