12 t/d Double Roller Granulation line in Malaysia

On January 30th

There was an inquiry from Malaysia in our email. The sender was a businessman who invested in a project to set up a large-scale NPK fertilizer production plant. He was planning to purchase a full NPK fertilizer production line. After reading one of the NPK plant solutions on our website, he sent us an inquiry that asked for the technical specifications and details of the machine he wanted.

There is his purchase list and the question he put out:

Puechase List

· A Batching Machine

with 5 Bins for Raw Materials ·

Of course, we can. We have a large factory for making fertilizer products. If you have any special needs, just tell us.

It is 1 ton. If you want one with a large capacity, we can customize it for you.

Batching machine
Horizontal mixing machine for fertilizer production

The SXWJ-1630, a commercial NPK fertilizer mixing machine, is a good choice. Its hourly capacity reaches 10-15 tons.

It is stainless steel. It is highly anti-corrosive and heat-tolerant.

· 2 Sets of Round Disc Mixers ·

The material is carbon steel of high quality. Our pan mixing machine has a rigid frame that can resist heat, shock and corrosion. Averagely, its service life is over 20 years.

Round disc mixer
Role granulator machine for fertilizer production

· 8 Sets of Role Granulator Machine ·

Yes, it can. Our role granulator is able to produce fertilizer with a diameter of 3-10 mm.

Given the capacity of your plant, you can buy the role granulating machine with an hourly capacity of 1.5-2 tons. According to our estimation, 8 roller granulating machines can produce at least 12 tons of fertilizer granules.

The sieve is made of galvanized steel, so it has a long service life. But, it is advisable to change it once every three months. We can provide you with another sieve, as a spare, at a lower price.

You can buy the SXGS-1870, whose hourly capacity is 10-15 tons.

Screening machine for fertilizer production
Package machine for fertilizer production

Yes, it can. Our packing machine is equipped with an auto sewing machine. When the fertilizer is poured into the bag, the sewing machine will automatically seal the bag.

Yes. There are 3 types of speed: slow, medium and fast. You can use the control box to change the speed.

The Feedback from Our Client

Via several video calls, we discussed the details of the design of his 12 t/d double roller granulation line and then reached a consensus. His NPK fertilizer production line can produce 15 tons of fertilizer granules per hour. We used auto conveying machines to connect each NPK fertilizer making machine so that our buyers had no need to spend more on hiring workers. Last week, the client sent us a video of his NPK fertilizer production line that was producing fertilizer granules, and he looked quite delighted. We cordially hope that his fertilizer business will be brisk in the future.

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