Organic Fertilizer Making Solution for Chicken Farm in the U.A.E

On March 26th,

A customer from the U.A.E asked us to offer him a proper solution for an organic fertilizer making plant. He had a commercial farm house with about 250,000 chickens. Every day, these chickens produce plenty of stinky manure that costs our client hundreds of dollars to dispose of. Therefore, the client needed a good way to manage his chicken litter. But, how? Making it into organic fertilizer! With that idea, the customer contacted us and asked for organic fertilizer making equipment for chicken manure.

What Are the Requirements of the Client?

According to the client, a factory for commercial organic fertilizer production was started recently, which aimed to produce at least 60 tonnes of chicken manure fertilizer per day. The client sent the drawing of his plant and pointed out that there were 3 areas for compost, production and storage, respectively. He expected us to offer him a chicken manure composting machine that allows him to compost chicken manure in huge quantities and a full production line that can turn chicken litter into organic fertilizer. In addition, the client demanded a design of a chicken manure composting line and fertilizer production line in line with the layout of his plant.

Groove type composting machine for sale

Commercial Chicken Manure Composting Machine for Sale

There are 3 types of chicken manure composting machines: the hydraulic composting machine, the groove type composting machine and the in-vessel composting system. According to the layout of the client’s factory, the groove type compost turner is the most efficient one for making a large amount of chicken manure compost. The client needs to build 3 grooves for composting his chicken litter.

Then, he can use a forklift to put his dehydrated chicken manure into grooves and add other raw materials, such as straw, rice husks and sawdust, to accelerate the process of composting. There is a device on the walls that helps the groove type composting machine to move forwards. When the chicken manure compost gives off much heat, driving the temperature up to over 65℃, it is advisable for the buyer to start the chicken manure composting system to aerate it immediately.

During the process of turning chicken manure, the client doesn’t need to operate the composter manually. Instead, it will automatically turn tons of compost without a hitch. Accordingly, 1 worker can ensure the smooth and stable operation of a composting production line.

3 Reason Why Should the Client Choose Groove Type Composting Machine

As a leading supplier of chicken manure composters, we offer various types and models of composting machines. But, why did we suggest the client buy the groove type composting machine? There are 3 reasons:

Less Room for Composting Chicken Litter

According to the model of the compost turner we recommend, the client should establish 3 grooves, about 20 meters long, 4 meters wide and 1 meter high. They can contain a large quantity of chicken manure, like 200 m3 in total.

Groove type compost for sale
Groove type compost in organic fertilizer plant

Less Repellent Odor from His Compost

It is inevitable that the chicken manure compost gives off an unpleasant smell, particularly in the moderate-temperature phase and the high-temperature phase, even if it is in aerobic conditions. Our client once mentioned that the factory was near his chicken farm. Therefore, it is important to prevent the smell from causing air pollution and posing a health risk to the animals on the farm. When the customer composts his chicken manure in grooves, one hardly can catch a whiff of reek on the outside of the factory.

Less Influence from Outside Environment

Weather is a vital factor influencing the process of composting. Provided that the client adopts the method of windrow type composting, high temperatures from outside are prone to lead to a drastic increase in the heat of his compost. Yes, heat has the ability to sanitize compost piles. However, too much heat will destroy them!

On the one hand, the heat, once over 65℃, will threaten the activities of microorganisms, halting the process of decomposing organic matter. On the other hand, the heat will accelerate the evaporation of water in chicken manure compost piles. Being devoid of water, the microorganisms become more inert. But, composting chicken manure indoors, especially in the groove, can minimize the influence of the outside environments, creating ideal conditions for your chicken compost.

60 t/d Production Line for Making Organic Fertilizer

The factory of the client has an area of about 1,000 square meters. To be honest, that is quite small for making organic fertilizer. Luckily, the customer prefers the production of power fertilizer that requires a few machines. If the customer demands an organic fertilizer granulation line, we are afraid that he will need to expand his factory. Then, we drew a design of a production line for making organic fertilizer powder. We chose 5 organic fertilizer machines for him.

Auto feeding machine for sale

A Feeding Machine

for feeding chicken manure to the next machine at a steady pace.

Screening machine for chicken litter compost

The SXGS-1540

for sieving chicken manure compost and improving its purity.

Vertical crushing machine for chicken manure fertilizer

The SXFLF-800

for crushing chicken litter compost into a fine powder.

Auto bagging machine for sale

A Double Packager

for bagging organic fertilizer powder automatically.

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